TipTop ways of Promotion of ShortFilm


Short film term is mainly related to any film which is not long enough to be considered a feature film. The main criterion of this phenomena should be like sqeezing a novel or a subject into a short story where the main idea should be kept intact. But making of short films isn’t that much easy job to do. There are many pros and cons coming through which had to be faced by the short film makers. Among them, money & profit is the main reason why the short film makers loses their morality, lack of motivation & independence.

Back to old times, short film makers were highly raised & got their fame thorough their innovativeness. We all knew about comedy character Charlie Chaplin’s popularity back to those days. Animated short films got promoted by their popularity too. So as they’ve found the core idea of promoting their short films, we will be discussing about some viable ways to promote the short films and making money from them as well.

To make profits, firstly we have to promote the film we are making. There are plenty of ways we will going to be discuss about.

  • Creating websites that represents the short film, it will work actually like a home base for the plan we are going to work on. It will be the only place where we can send information about the movie, including the premises, cast/crew info, where they can see it, etc. With the help of this website idea/social media posting, we can easily get the attention of students who are willing to work for less to generate content for their portfolio. Once we have the site up, we can submit it to popular sites to get likes, a wider viewing audience and higher search engine hits. Thus promoting short film will get us money and motivation to work with more influences.
  • Creating own video space also helps in promoting cum making profits by likes, hits views, etc. YouTube or Vimeo or both are great ways to have audiences come face to face with movie magic makers, having cast/crews do blogs about production, the story, and such sort of things. Thus people will come to know about what we are about to make, and will invest their money to watch them. Even eminent film makers also searches these video blogs for new ideas, creativity, and motivations. Thus once we get their attention, it will be smoother even for us to go down the path with success and money and with lots of audiences who will be eagerly waiting for watch short films upcoming.
  • Creating a teaser that makes the whole audience to think what the film will be about, keeping them in suspense would also be a great way to promote short films. This will definitely intrigue the audience and catch their attention when the movie will going to be released. Another way will also be paying an amount of money to the ad producers to show the teaser in between the ads and movies. Thus a large number of people will know about the movie, about the story as well.
  • Promoting films gets a bump after submitting them to the film festivals. For film submissions, there are some amount of payments to be deposited, but it’s nothing to the amount of fame it’ll going to get. When the film is accepted, finding online movie bloggers, print columnists will be the next major part to do. They will help the producer to get to known amongst the audiences along with appraisal posts to promote the short film. Thus fame, motivation, profits, all comes in one hand, and the short film we are working on will surely hits success.
  • Seeking out for other film makers will also be a great initiative for creating and promoting of short films. Following them on twitter, interacting with them face to face will widely open new ideas.

There are several more ideas to promote short films on our own, creating our space where we can openly talk about, get to know about new ideas, interacting with people to know what they want to see, what are their opinions, & what we should work on future. Only thus we can make profits from short films by promoting them correctly, making them more understandable to the audience and keeping it simple with bright and most innovative ideas.

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