Cool Instrument to Lift your ShortFilm


– Smruti Kshirsagar

Now that you are done with the ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ phase, it’s time to move on to the ‘Promote, Promote, Promote!’ phase. Making sure your film reaches the maximum audience is your number one priority. But, this can be one herculean task. The market for short films isn’t as huge as the regular films, and this makes tapping the right avenues for short films important. The easy answer to this is, to hire someone to market the short film for you. But, doing it yourself might fetch more results as there is no one else with as much passion as you would have for your short film. Let’s look at some ways to market your film…

  1. Create a Website

Anything and everything nowadays has a website for itself. So, why shouldn’t your film have a website? A website will act as a home base through which you can reach out to your audience. Information about the story of the film, a preview, the cast and crew, and any other updates about it can be put up.

Make sure that the website reflects the theme or story of the film. A simple but eye-catching website is what is needed to keep the audience hooked on and wanting for more.

2.Maintain a Journal

Try to maintain a journal (an online journal, of course) describing the journey of the film, from start to end. People are intrigued by the journey of other people and things. And, in the case of a short film, others may be inspired to make one themselves after seeing the process of making your film. Behind-the-scenes updates can be posted on your film website or you can make a YouTube channel. This will help in reaching the right audience who will further share your journal with their friends.

3.The Social Network

If you haven’t created a Facebook page, a Twitter feed or an Instagram profile yet, then what are you waiting for? Social networking sites will a create platform for online discussions and will help in reaching out to a wider audience. Your audience will stay hooked on if you can deliver some good content and material. Keep your network up-to-date with titbits about your film or conduct contests for your audience with prizes for the winners. Be sure to keep updating the pages and giving your audience new information regularly.

4.Tease them

A teaser is common when it comes to promoting regular films. So, why not make a teaser to promote your short film? Make sure the teaser is very short and gives just a quick sneak peek into your film. The teaser should get the audience jumping in their seats to find out more about the film.

5.Trail the Way

Once you have released the teaser for your short film, work on an eye-opening trailer for it. The trailer should not be longer than the film and should offer just a small glimpse into the plot of the film and not give away the whole storyline. A viewer should feel the urge to watch the film after watching the trailer.

Don’t forget to mention the link to your website at the end of the teaser and the trailer. And also, do post both the teaser and the trailer on your social networking sites.

6.Film Festivals

Film festivals are one of the best ways to reach the audience who would be genuinely interested in your work. There would be many film festivals happening at any point of time around you. All you have to do is search for them and submit your short film to one or more of them. Make sure to send it to a festival with notable people in attendance. Once you have sent it to a film festival, find out who are the panel members, the critics, the bloggers, the media persons and whoever else may be attending it. Get in touch with these people and give them a head start on your short film, direct them to the film website, its social networking sites or the teaser and trailer.

Other than all the above-mentioned ways of promotion, one important tool is family and friends. Ask your near and dear ones to keep sharing and spreading the word about your short film among their groups.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go out there and start promoting!

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