Argumentation for giving in ShortFilm

Reasons to Submit Your Short Film to a Film Festival

Have a wonderful idea within you? Or have you implemented your ideas into an amazing short film that would mesmerise the world? Then what are you waiting for? Film festivals are round the corner!

With the digital era coming in, short films are the best ways of expressing emotions ,ideas or literally digital storytelling, with the trend of short films coming up they have  good platform to be showcased i.e. film festivals. You might have made a short film that got a lot of attention from your friends or views on YouTube and you`re really satisfied about it, but think about it once again is that enough? Doesn’t your film need the exposure that it deserves? With the entire buzz going around film festivals you might be confused. Don’t worry we’ll tell you exactly why you should submit your short film to a film festival!

  • Get ready for the best experience ever!

Film festivals being the talk of the season you can imagine all the efforts being put into it and being a part of it isn’t much less interesting, you’ll get to learn a lot of things. Getting accepted into a festival certainly will give you a sense of achievement and a validation to its creation. More importantly you’ll have a lot of fun! Isn’t that what we want?

  • Get industry exposure

What’s better than getting your film on screen with audiences and critiques waiting to watch you short film, it’s not about just getting selected it’s about the opportunity and courage it takes to do so, your ideas and views reaches to a wider audience ,it’s the best opportunity for self evaluation and understanding what the field has to offer.

  • Great chance for Networking

Once selected, you’ll go to a film festival and meet a lot of people who could be film enthusiasts like you! You can share your views, learn a lot from others and you could even get more ideas to implement on your next short film .More than that you can even meet industry giants who could help you with your project.

  • Get Motivated

It’s a great platform to show case your skills as well as accepting other’s views and ideals you’ll get motivated to perform more and work more, so when next time when you come you’ll return with a bang, certainly a best stage to know what the industry has to offer, who knows you might become a successful director someday. Kudos!

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