Importance of short filmmaking

It is a common perception that short filmmaking is a dead end hobby because the success ratio is minimal. This is in fact not true. Short filmmaking is a stepping stone to feature filmmaking. The major problem faced by the cine industry is amateur filmmaking. This can be eliminated at the short filmmaking stage. There are a few reasons as to why short filmmaking is still deemed important.

1. Prevents over-investment

Most of the aspiring filmmakers are scared to make movies either because they’re scared to invest in their film or due to the fear from a prior experience of a bad investment. Amateur filmmakers tend to be extensively enthusiastic that they invest directly on a feature film and succumb to its failure. This can be avoided with short filmmaking.

2. Film Festival experience

Even though self-satisfaction and passion drive short filmmaking, the ultimate aim is to sell them. Selling here can refer to both in monetary terms or viewer satisfaction terms. This can be achieved through a film festival. The main problem nowadays is the filmmakers are unaware of film festivals. They require a platform or a bridge to connect them with film festivals. This is exactly what startups like ShortFundly aim to achieve.

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3. Attracts Investors

The first and foremost goal is to get in front of as many eyes as possible. It is simple to get a million views on YouTube rather than getting a million people into a theatre. After bagging awards from a few film festivals, it is easy to get your work out there. Once people start to recognise your work, it catches the attention of investors. In this way, earning money through short films become easy. Earning money is helpful because it motivates the filmmaker to do better.

4. Exploration of creativity

Working on short films will help to explore the nook and corners of one’s mind because filmmaking involves a lot of thinking and creativity. It also tests one’s ability to think out of the box which is quite essential in filmmaking. Explorations of different genres and techniques in filmmaking also help gain experience.

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