Your short film is ready but have you done it all? Have you promoted it the right way? Now, when you closely analyze it, you might end up discovering too many snags. This baby is yours. Well, if you have to grow it into a better person, you ought to nurture the baby properly first.

Well, here we bring you the most amazing tips to market your short film and also the easiest ones too.

Now, before getting into serious stuff, let’s not forget that investing more in the marketing sector yields a highly beneficial result.


We have all had our fair share of experiences in blogging and surfing in social media platforms like face book, twitter, Instagram, whatsapp etc…

But, are we using them all well enough for their appropriate purposes?

Well, that question wasn’t an easy one to be answered. Was it?

So, here is the deal. Updating constantly about what you are up to could be a great marketing platform and a bonus ride for factors like film promotion and stuff. So all you need to do is constantly inform the people about the efficacy of the film or you could make up online contests related to the topics of the film which will boost up the enthusiasm of people who actively participate in it. Consequently, we are promoting the film. For instance, let us announce a contest, wherein the participants will have to share the film’s page and the person who shares the most will win a prize. Now, this could turn the events interesting.


So, you wanted to do the promotions but you hesitate to work as a team. Well, this is no way working as a single individual. As, we all know that a film requires a whole team of cast members in order to create a film with a beautiful outline and a flawless timeline. If you happen to be the producer of the film, and you don’t want to involve in the promoting scenario, you might as well forget about success. So team work is a pre-requisite for every film maker.


Yes, indeed! A website with all the necessary details to be added should be more than enough for people who are inquisitive in nature besides it is quite obvious that most of the humans are apparently curious when it comes to entertainment and movies. But it is indispensable to make sure that every detail is added starting from the film’s cast to any technician. Now this requires efficient “content generators” and it will be easy to lure in students who are in need of a part-time job but the payment of high amount should also be taken into account. Nobody does stuff for free and we certainly are not getting away with free service from someone who is in need of money, just like us.


You tube is an amazing platform to promote your short film. If you are really dubious about your marketing team, you can ask your cast members to promote your film by creating effective vlogs about production and stuff. This will not only enhance the hype of the artist but also the film. Having someone popular to promote your film is an icing on the cake. This will ameliorate your chances of getting a wider range of audience but do make sure that the popular stars make their statements very genuine to avoid any suspicions of marketing purposively which will not only be awkward but also embarrassing for the film.


Well, you do have an enchanting website. But, are your updates reaching the audience in the right way? So, here is a simple way to ensure that your fans are following you. You ought to trace and capture email ID’s of your followers. This can be done using an RSS feed and it will send the notifications for any update that is being posted in the website of the film.


A teaser that leaves you wondering what the film might be and a trailer that flabbergasts you with fine, yet intricate details could leave the film lovers in awe. This has been the technique, for years. Although there are changes in platforms for the promotions over the years, it is still the sturdiest and the most appropriate technique for promotion.

Also, submitting the film to online film sites, TV and cable shows and film festivals could be the best ideas you could ever come up with!

So start now and keep promoting!

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