How to create engaging short films and increase your short film views

Everyone in today’s time is busy having no time for extra activities that they can opt for. From morning to night they keeps on working to be best in their work as competition has increased in every field. Such persons do not have time to read articles , magazines and all as it takes lot of time. Also,the time they get they think of refreshing their mind for a new start. Short films is a way by which people comes to know about various things in interesting way.

Short films if are interesting and having message attracts large crowd. People normally love the theme of the story if they like te theme then film is viewed. Stories should be like which touches heart of everyone as it’s a great need to explain everyone in today’s  time about the annoyance occured due to social activities. As,we can see the advertisement which is famous now-a-days of Aamir Khan about raising girl child. These type of short films attract lot of people and also inspire and educate them. These short films are loved as time is changing now and everyone needs to be educated about the scenarios of the country. Also, another example the movie “Jolly LLB 2” of Akshay Kumar which gave the message how cases remain pending in courts for years as, number of judges and lawyers are less in number and those who have money only they can open their cases else remain pending.In short story if their is a cause then their should be a solution this leaves positive impact on thinking of viewers.

A film is remembered by its characters and theme. Characters should be different in a way which show some uniqueness in them and theme should be something which touches everyone’s heart.Most of people watch movie on the basis of the theme they come to know in trailer. Short films should also be humourous as everyone has lot of stress and tension in their life and all wants to reduce their stress from the hectic schedule. Humourous films make them tension free for the start of next hectic day. As, said fresh mind before start of work makes the day fresh. More humourous the film is more the viewers attract towards it and spread to others as laughing is the best cure to reduce stress that everyone believes. One important aspect is simplicity which should be there till end. Sometimes climax in the story attracts viewers hence, climax should be related to the story. It should not deviate from the main theme of the story for e.g. if the theme of story is corruption then climax should not be the personal life of individual.

When short film is made, makers want the more and more viewers must watch the film. This needs promotion of the film which can be done by promoting on various social networking sites. Social networking sites as now became important part for everyone so, this is a good platform to promote short film. For this purpose, trailer of the film should be outstanding which create curiosity to watch the film. If trailer is bang on nothing can stop to increase views of the film. Team needs to work a lot on making the trailer effective.

Posters of the short film can also be posted on the social networking sites along with trailer by making fan pages. When their will be a fan page then viewers will share the trailer to others also.  As, more and more users watch the trailer of the movie definitely they will talk to other members in their contact. We can also show trailer of our short film during ads on TV as many people who watch TV shows and news can see the trailer which will attract lot of people.

We can also use the idea of gaming that is by the means of game we can make people share the trailer to others and giving reward for that like some coupons for shopping or on food items.This will attract lot of people as most of now do online shopping and love junk foods like pizza,burger etc.These activities will definitely increase number of viewers of short film which will also boost the makers to produce more such films.

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