How to Earn Through Shortfilms?

Short films are the video clips which convey the important message to the viewers in very short time. For some filmmakers, converting a short message into a short film is a hobby and they perform their work with full passion and determination.

There are lots of rumors that there is no money from short films and it is the waste of money and time for the maker. If someone asks a question that how much money you make by short films then you may not be able to answer it because of either very less money or those rumors.

Money making is not a problem. It is an art. It requires a lot of creativity. Firstly, the proper learning and developing your adroitness is very necessary. This automatically leads to the money and fame to all the members behind the short films for their hard work.

There are lots of business possibilities available for earning money from short films. It only needs proper knowledge and ways which can be applied in the short films. The professional filmmakers don’t make short films on the basis of common or viral news and videos. They make the quality film which actually means to the viewer.

Following are the best ways to earn money by short films:

  1. Some filmmakers upload their short films on their YouTube channel which is only beneficial if your number of subscribers counts in minimum 3-digit.

Subscribers in a 2-digit lead to no money in Google algorithm. Three digit subscriber counts             also lead to very less money. For this, the alternatives can be-

(a)  You can have collaboration with a well running YouTube channel having a mass number            of subscribers and viewers and make a business partnership with that channel.

(b) You can sell your film at your own price to any verified YouTube subscriber which can                 make it famous by own techniques.

(c)  You can adopt Vimeo’s video on demand method for making good money. If you are a               well know filmmaker and viewers like your short films then just apply a policy of paying a                 particular price for watching your short film.

  1. The professional filmmakers give a high priority to film festivals. For participating in film festivals, don’t upload your film online or on a local television network or in any video sharing sites. Film festivals don’t accept those films. If your short film leaves a very important message and is highly appraised in a film festival, then you did a wonderful job. It leads to the rush of offers for you to sell your short film to any website at your own price.
  2. The filmmakers’ direct lot of short films with different subjects. If any of your short films is highly appreciated by a lot of viewers and well-known artists, then you might be lucky to get a film producer and a dream chance to direct a feature film based on your short film. You can also get exposure in Hollywood if the idea of your film is highly magnificent.
  3. You can earn some sponsor money through advertisement. You just need to place an advertisement of any product or business in your short film. The advertisement should include an option of skip according to the length and market demand of a product. Sponsor advertising should contain a neutral way of storytelling. You can have good money on every click by the viewer on an advertisement you placed.
  4. If you can make your own website then it would be tremendous for you as a filmmaker. It helps in making a lot of money. For every view, you earn money and it highly depends on the size of your short film. More the internet data consumed of the viewer, more you earn. You can also make a policy of digital downloads. Selling your short films digitally at low rates to the viewers and earning money through them.
  1. If you are a well-known filmmaker then you can contact to any short film distributor or film distribution company and make a best possible deal to buy your film. It can provide you money according to the deal made.
  2. If you make a short film for a particular cause or giving message regarding a social benefit of any corporate then you may find support from corporate and can have a corporate sponsor for your all the short films.
  3. You can contact to local cable operators to screen your short film on the television. It reaches directly to all category viewers. It might lead to increase your number of viewers on every screening of a new short film.
  4. Suppose you are a newcomer as a short filmmaker. You want to make early money through your film. Then you can participate in short film contests organized by many colleges and universities. You only need to participate in that and if your film is best then you can win prize money.

These are all the best possible ways of earning money through short films. But the real profit is when you get a chance to make another film.

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