Life Style of an Actor

Acting is a talent which is innate. It can be learned and mastered by joining the acting schools. In today’s life almost every youth wants be an actor because of the growth of films in the Bollywood film industry in last few decades. We are also inspired by foreign films which are very popular in India now. Directing a film or acting in it is an art. We are equally inspired by wonderful directors like Satyajit Ray, Raj Kapoor and Mrinal Sen etc. We have amazing actors like the Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar and Sharukh Khan etc.

People always wonder how an actor’s life is. It depends on individual person, some believe that actors lead glamorous lives which is partially true. Some believe that the moral character of the actors are not good. Actors do have a glamorous life but they work hard for it. In today’s life there is a lot of competition in the film industry. If somebody wants to work consistently, they need to work hard. Nobody prepares to fail but if you don’t prepare you fail. An actor’s life is exciting and challenging because you have to give your best when you are in front of the camera. Being an actor and being a successful actor are two different things. A struggling actor does not get much recognition and it is not mandatory that he will become a successful actor once he joins acting.

Many people come into acting, struggle for years and then give it up. Communication is another factor which leads to the growth of film industries. An actor’s life is not that easy. Shooting almost ten hours or more is not an easy job. Actors get only 4-5 hrs of sleep a day.There are a lot of ups and downs in an actor’s career. Sometimes your films do well and you get an applause from the audience and sometimes the opposite happens. So, an actor can never be overconfident because he will never know what is going to happen with him in his next film.

People working in the theaters are also actors but they don’t get as much appreciation because they are not working in films. Moreover commercial films are more accepted by the spectators in India rather than art films. People in India expect a lot here from their favorite actors. The more famous we become, the more we get pulled into politics and this creates a pressure on us. An actor needs to defend himself from this because different people with different motives may approach an actor.

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