Acting – amateur to pro

Acting is an age old art in the field of entertainment. Right from theatrics to street plays, acting plays mammoth of a role. Every single person who has pursued acting as a career is striving forward to make himself a better actor. The end goal is self-satisfaction and fame. Every actor out there is trying his best to give back something to the world.

Nowadays, the traditional ways to learn acting is being overlooked which has resulted in the abundance of amateurs in the field. Some start as amateurs and rise to glory through sheer hard work, but the majority end their careers as amateurs.

1. Look closely

It is important to be a keen observer of your surroundings. Acting is an internal process, it requires inputs from the outside world. Observe human behaviour and analyse how people react to different situations. Observing different characters in real life is important because it might come in handy in adverse situations.

2. Read

How does reading really help?

Reading helps in the development of creativity which is quite essential for an actor. Also, it remains a largely unknown fact that the reading and acting use the same part of the brain. So, it turns out that reading is very important for an aspiring actor. Memorising lines is an important part of acting. Therefore, it is recommended to read more to enhance memory power and ability to memorise.

3. It’s okay to be a fanboy

Watch all the movies, television shows and dramas you possibly can because it helps in sharpening your skills as an actor. Enjoy every scene and appreciate the work people have put to pull off such a scene. Ponder over the scenes you love the most because it helps to trigger your hidden skills. Ask yourself why the scene was amazing or woeful. Try to learn from anything and everything around you.

4. Live it out

Transform into the character you are going to portray. Get into the character’s shoes and get out there so that people actually believe that the character has come alive. Use experiences from your own life to convey emotions, because it will be realistic and touching.

What has better drama than our own life? Use it to unlock your fullest potential.

These simple steps can awaken the actor in you and there’ll be no need to join expensive classes to learn acting.

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