• First method is to upload the videos in facebook and through that, any organization can recognize it.
  • The next method is posting to any TV channel website and they can reward you with a good remuneration.
  • Uploading the short film in the youtube and subscribing it where many followers follow us and huge pay can be obtained. This is the most prevalent and a common method used by all youngsters today.
  • Another important method is by creating our own website and posting the short film which will add high status as a best crew in the short film industry.
  • Getting recognized by any popular celebrity in the field of cinema will fetch you popularity and will ultimately make to get into cinema. Eventually, more money will be retrieved.
  • Then there will be some students in colleges who are always indulged in taking short films, so they will have many options to make the short films known to everybody and they will have many smart plans in achieving it. So, creating friendship or connecting link with them will help to grasp more money.
  • The cultural competitions in and around colleges, universities conduct “SHORT FILMS EVENTS” where it will be a very good platform in showcasing our skills and reward is guaranteed.
  • Arrange a sponsor and advertise it in all the websites.

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