6 ways to make money through short films

Creating a strong short film is one of the easiest ways to start out on the film, prove a feature concept, or get commercial work. And it’s almost definitely the fastest way to see your work onscreen, test your writing and directing skills, and get your name out into the world. But wouldn’t it be amazing if you get paid well for making short films? So here we are with a list of 6 ways you can actually earn your living through short films.

  1. Uploading on YouTube

One of the easiest and most common method to earn is to upload it on youtube, where you get paid as per the number of views and subscriptions. This also depends on the type of video you have and the ad that bought the space on that video. Advertisers pay whenever people click on the ad associated with the video. If the short movie goes ‘viral’ youtube pays heavily.

  1. Film Festivals

Going with the short film to international and national film festivals like Mumbai International Film Festival can be a good idea. Not only you get a platform to showcase your movie, if the movie is good enough there is chance of some distributor networks to get impressed and may distribute the movie through online and offline modes.

  1. Organizing workshops in schools and colleges

The short film makers may also approach schools and colleges and organize workshops to attract more people to this profession. The workshops should also aim at providing guidance to students. Money can be made through registration fees which students need to pay to attend workshops.

  1. Promoting on social networks

This is one of the trendiest ways to attract producers and companies to hire makers of short films. All that’s needed to be done is to make a really good short movie that is very catchy and gains a lot of likes and shares.

  1. Participating in short film contests

There are short film competitions which are organised by many companies other than youtube like Royal Stag Short film contest. Participating in such competitions and winning them provides you with a lot of money and fame.

  1. Selling the legal rights for making it as a feature film

Selling the legal rights of your short film for making it as a feature Film, if luck favours the financer (Film Producer) allows you to direct that film or else you will get patent rights for using the theme of short film subject to a feature film.

So, to conclude with, if you really have the passion and desire to make a career out of short films, then there are enough ways to make money. But it is important to have patience and keep improving upon the skills. Also the content of short film should be very catchy and presented in a way that is accepted by the society and easy to grasp and yet delivers a strong message. And probably the most important point to be considered is the originality of your content.

Happy film making!

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