A short film is an anecdote of a journey. A short film has a call to action motif and tells a compelling story. Short films do not come with great promises of monetary benefits but are essentially important as they are gateways to possibilities. They are your practice makes perfect rough sheets to make a feature or to a way to channelize your work to the people at helm of affairs to showcase your film making aptitude. If you’re a budding film maker and wondering how to nail with your debut, have a quick glance at these simple secrets to make a short film:

  • Master the art of storytelling:Storytelling is an art and if you can employ it well, you could stun much more than your target audience. A good story spreads faster than a wild fire. No matter how short your film is, make sure your short film has a beginning, a middle and an end. You should always be ready to take your audience on a journey and make them jubilant on taking the journey.
  • They revolve around a single dilemma of plot:Tell a single story and do not try to confront multiple dilemmas in your plot. A short film sure shows a journey but only attacks one major malady and works around resolving it.
  • Make use of resources that are available around you: Short stories develop from a personal point. They do not showcase spaceships, alien attacks, terrorists or wars. They tell stories that are personal in closeted environments and situations. Do not replicate effects from movies or do not try to induce drama that is time consuming. The best way to go about it is make what you have look the best.
  • Short films are all about memorable characters :Plot, twists and storyline are vital, we all know but unless you’ve a character the audience can empathize with, your story would be sooner forgotten than watched. Make sure to create characters they can relate to.
  • All short films believe “Every cloud has a silver lining.”:  If you are making a short film, make sure it resonates hope and optimism. Challenge your caliber and make an ending that leaves the audience with a positive outlook. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should force your film to end on an upbeat note when it surely doesn’t give away to it. Give the audience a reason to remember you. And we all like a bit of sunlight glistening in through the darkest of days, don’t we?
  • A twist at the beginning another at the ending tells a perfect tale: The most significant part about short films are they are essentially intriguing and unpredictable. The best way to go about is make your audience expect a plot and then subvert the essence. Give them twists that take them off their guard, when they are least expecting it.
  • Take your audience on an emotional ride: If you’re using a video as a means, do not overcrowd it with numbers and statistics. Do not tell the story to your audience, make them feel every bit of it. To share information, a printed version is advisable. If it is a short film that revolves around products, create a sense of immediacy. Tell them why they need it. If it’s about the struggle of a lead, make your audience feel his heart wrenching struggle. Let your short film be a powerful emotional ride.
  • Focus on your important shooting destinations: If you’re telling a story that revolves around a particular city or a place or a time in history, its best to shoot it right at that place. That makes the experience more authentic than you can bargain for. Have actors who are from that city so that you can breed in their essence.
  • Utilize all equipment you can get your hands on: The more realistic the surroundings look, the better. That requires you to add a lot of props elements and you can use equipment that’s all around you. Have an eye open for what you need. But do not overcrowd it.
  • Be realistic while working around the budget: Envision all the expenditure you would have to make while making your short films. Do calculations, have it written and be sure. And always start with the goal of spending as less as you can. Make a list of all the things you need – a trial cutter, color correction or a sound mixer. Plan them well before and try not to make last minute decisions.
  • Keep making short films: The last and the most important advice is to keep making short films and become perfect with practice. Learn from your mistakes every time and keep making short films because it isn’t for the money but for possibilities that follow. Many short films have been turned into features. Next might be yours!

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