What are the ways to make money via Short Films?

Nowadays, people are focusing more and more on their productivity and talents than on their jobs and career goals. A talent always somehow leads you to your destiny. This talent may be anything from writing, singing, dancing, acting or a movie making. Out of these all and others, I, in my view, think film making to be best. One with film making skills has an excellent and fantasizing mind. What a common person has in his hands about movie making is a Short Film. As per budgeting and finance needs, one can only choose to make only short films.

A Short Film is merely a motion picture with a time limit of about 30 minutes. Short Film is nothing but the well execution of the ideas built up in mind regarding a social issue or one’s economy or merely emotions. When someone get’s productive and stuck with making something new, such concepts builds up in one’s mind. A short film is best way to show your perspective and ideas to world, through your eyes. While directing a movie, you become master of a new world and you get limits of showing and executing anything in your hands.

There is no best feeling in world other than the time when your productivity and talent gets paid. Same can be true with your Short films! If you are periodically making short films, then you must be glad that your short films can help making you more and more money.

One of the basic needs for this is that you must stand out of those hundreds of not-so-extraordinary YouTubers. Yes, it again meant productivity and skills. Anything that separates a best director from a common one is the way of execution of thoughts. If your movie touches, hearts of millions, it will eventually make more money. A few ways are:

  1. Vimeo’s Video on Demand: If your video assures quality to your viewers, then you can go for Vimeo’s video on demand. For freelance filmmaker, Vimeo proves to be a god platform. There are a lot of success stories of filmmakers who stood out to become great directors through Vimeo.
  2. Film Festivals: Film Festivals are another best platform for independent filmmakers. If you believe that your Short Film is worthy enough to be displayed in a Film Festival, then you can go for it. Some international film festivals offer high prize money for some best short films.
  3. Selling Legal Rights: You can sell the legal rights of your short movie to make it a feature film. Another fact is also true that doing this is not that easy, but also it is not impossible. Once it is done, it proves to be the best way to earn money through short films.
  4. Ad-Sense on YouTube: Another best and simplest way to earn money through your work is YouTube Ad-sense. If you are periodically making short films, then this method is best for you to cover up through funds. You can create a channel for your short films and monetize your channel for ads and correspondingly for money.
  5. iTunes and Amazon Prime: After Vimeo, iTunes and Amazon Prime creates a better option for video on demand for a filmmaker. One can easily sell his short films on these trusted platforms.
  6. Selling your video to a Verified Channel: This method is also good. You can look for some verified channels on YouTube and contact them for selling your video. If done, you can earn money from channel owners for no. of views or directly for your video. But in this way, you need to be a bit careful, unless your video can be stolen if you have not registered for it.
  7. Sponsorship: You can place an advertisement of a product or a business in your short film and this way, you can collect the money of sponsorship from interested parties. Another thing one can do is to cover some scenes of a restaurant or paid public buildings or some personal places in your video and as a conclusion; you can charge them for this.

All these ways of earning money are best off if your video or short film has quality content in it. A viewer will pay to watch your short film only if it fulfils their interest. So go on and create a best film!

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