Watching your baby entering the field of movies and production, is what you have ever planned and waited for all along, no? Now, when you are all set to show off your short film to the world, you are thinking of that one particular way which will, not only help you in gaining the audience’s praise, but also the name.

But what is that way? Do you know of any?

Of course, you can always do it the usual way by hiring someone to do the promotion for you. It is all upto your money—the more you pay, the more they will put effort as well as time into creating a promotional strategy for your film. But what if you’re not willing to put forth the same large amount of money for promotion? Well, you can always do the promotion yourself—that too in many creative ways.

If you’re wondering what such creative ways are, then you may find the following ways useful for the promotion of your short film:


Many bloggers like to put their read-worthy stuff all together on a blog, so that anyone can have a look on anything or everything easily; whether it is about their new book or them putting an update about their daily lives.

You can easily take inspiration from them—by building a website of your own; a website which can easily attracts the people’s attention and they can find most recent news regarding your movie. It doesn’t matter if you would like to make this website flashy or simple, all that matters is that people get what they want from the website—which includes updates about your movie.

From putting a simple synopsis to adding cast and crew information—you can put anything to everything on the website, as long as it revolves around the film.

Do not forget to use the ‘meta-tagging’ feature so as to improve your Google search ranking and allowing people to be able to search your film easily.



Once you are done with the shooting of your film, you will need to describe your short film in a creative way. How can that be done? Simple, by making an eye-catching trailer! You can always contact an experienced editor and take their help in crafting something powerful that can capture the whole essence of the film.

Make sure to make it available in a format which can be uploaded online easily.



How one releases the information regarding their film to social media, is very much essential to know as it can only be done in a strategic method.

Talking or blogging about your film over social networking sites during the production can be a very important way for promoting your film, but you don’t want your key information or images leaking early than expected, which may leave you with nothing new to publish later. You may also not want your crew members posting important details or negative stories over social media.

The best way is to make sure your cast and crew stick to a social media or media embargo. Ask them to not to post anything regarding the film before an estimated time.

Selecting few of the many social media platforms for promotion of your film will help you if you are rather busy or have quite a small team to access all the available social media networks. Before choosing a platform, think about the audience and their preference as what they are likely to use more socially; and how well you can make the use of this to build a relationship with them. Make yourself and your film known to the audience by engaging them and posting interesting stuff related to the film.



No, you don’t need to pull a publicity stunt for bringing the attention of people on your film. Instead, you may want to include the local media by inviting them to the set during the shooting—in order to get support from the local communities. When they visit, make sure to get a host ready, so as to answer their questions and also, to keep them out of your way to success.

When it comes to talking with journalists, you may need a professional to deal with them. Publicists are not that expensive to hire and can bring a great value, so contacting one will not harm you. A professional as well as good publicist can easily write a targeted media release including the reasons that why your film is unique, the releasing date and then, later send it to the media professionals—he is in contact with.



You can always do this simple yet useful thing for promoting your film for festivals or event screenings. Always remember to take the help of a professional to get something designed—that can reflect the style and theme of your film. Add the title of your film, short-synopsis, your tag-line, website address, and any awards which it has already won. Later these posters and flyers can be distributed to cafes and other sites either by yourself or with the help of a distribution company.

So, by following the above mentioned ways, you can promote your short film easily and that too effectively. You just happen to think out of the box and there, you have it done.

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