Akshaya Tritiya

A day where Lord Krishna gave Draupadi “Akshaya Pathiram” You have to worship: Shiva and Parvati; Sri Lakshmi and Sri Narayana on that day. You will get all prosperity. Very Important, DUN MISS THIS DAY. At least buy food or drinks for the someone who really needs.

A day that is believed to bring good luck and success. Akshaya means never ending or never diminishes. Many people will start buying gold and luxury item on this day. It is believed that if we buy gold on this days, it will accumulated and long lasting with us. There are many other good thing and “dhanam” that you can do on this days.

If you really want to buy gold but you kurang “Vitamin M” (M-Money), then buy pattham (the gold that is use to tie on bride and bridegroom forehead on wedding). This is enough. If you have a lot of money, it very auspicious to donate horse, cow or elephant.

On this auspicious day you can start new venture, buy gold and do charity. Charity is based on your strength and which is affordable to you.

1) Provide drinks to the thirst – you will get puniyam
2) Donate kunguman – long life for your husband
3) Butter milk / yogurt – student to excel in studies
4) Donate umbrella – get rid from obstacles
5) Donate a silver or a bronze pot filled with water. Put betel nuts and Tulsi in it – removing your Pitra Dosha if you have any. Also will help in getting married.
6) Donate slippers – you will get punyam
7) Donating coconut – giving peace to pitru, 7 generation of pitru will get relief.
8) Donates clothes – gives long life
9) Donates sandalwood – prevents accidents
10) Thamboolam or Seer (fruits, vasthiram, auspicious item)

Or if you cannot perform all that above let me suggest you something, just look for a poor priest and give him “makan makan” or give him “angpow”.

Buying kitchen item like arisi parupu, dhaniyam, salt can ensure that kitchen item will never diminishes (reduce) or empty.

Or do prayers in house like mahalakshmi pooja or kuberan pooja.

So perform charity on Akshaya Tritiya day can rest assured that they will always have in abundance to perform it forever. SO FRIENDS DO NOT MISS THIS GOOD DAY.

Simple word – do what you can – get what you can – give what you can, so that you will get blessing to do it forever.

Happy Akshaya Tritiya !!!

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