Why and How to share and promote your short film – Guide to Short Filmmaker

Sharing the film
Don’t just leave the finished film as a project file in the editing programme. If you want to show it, you need to export or share it. That way, you’ll have a version that you can use on other computers or put online. It’s a good idea to export one version in the highest quality possible, and then to make smaller versions to put on the school website or a video sharing site. You could also make a DVD.
shots in order on the timeline and see if the story makes sense. Can it be improved by adding, removing or repeating shots? Now trim the clips so that you just have the important
part of each clip. The editing team need to keep checking how the shots work together in sequence, rather than just looking at one shot at a time.
Eects and titles
Some young editors love adding eects and transitions like dissolves or fades, But it’s really important that these things make sense. Gimmicky eects can just confuse things.
Useful eects: things like black and white or sepia (to show something’s in the past or in somebody’s imagination)
Useful transitions: dissolves or fades (to show
the passage of time). They can add opening titles, subtitles,
intertitles between scenes, and credits at the end.
The filmmakers need to allow enough time to sort the sound out: adding eects, music and voiceover, and adjusting the sound levels. If they get this right it can make a massive dierence to their film.
Don’t let them use copyright music if you want to show the film in public or put it online. The editing programme will probably have free loops and eects you can use. If your score is complicated, you could use a separate music programme to make it. They could start with a soundtrack or voiceover, put markers on the timeline (or just fit to the waveform of the sound) and edit their shots to fit. This is great for making music videos where the edits match the beat, or documentaries where the video matches what the presenter is talking about.

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