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Simple Secrets on Making Short Film

A short film as defined by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits. A short film can also be considered as best calling card for an upcoming writer or director.
Writing short film requires the exact same skills as writing a lengthy script. Writing short films also requires some artistic thing in it. They should be appealing and should connect the viewers.
There are various things required in making a short film but some main simple secrets are listed below:
The Shorter the film The Better the film.

Film should be as short as possible in length and should also present the motive of the presenter also. It should not exceed the time. Small script will cost less to produce. It shouldn’t be so small that it looks amateurish. It has to be cheap but shouldn’t look like that. If you want to get your film in a film festival, it should not be more than ten minutes because festivals love to play as many shorts as possible.

Make the things look Practical.

Practical writing appeals the viewer more in short film. Although anything can be shown in short films but practicality appeals the viewer more. More practical the things, easier to shoot and it will also be less time consuming. Scripts in which chase action like scenes are there doesn’t seem more practical.
Filming real life can also makes the film look more practical and related. Film on any famous personality’s life can serve the purpose.

3. Visuality matters a lot.

As it is said Action speaks more than Words, same way in film also Show don’t Tell because film is a visual medium and most of the things should be expressed rather than spoken as a dialogue. It is also a most economical way also. Visual backstories, externalization by visual images can help a lot in its making. Visual images and graphics matter a lot in telling a good script.

Twisting story.

People generally like twists in a story. Twists at the beginning and at the end of the story make its viewer to sit on a chair and it can never be boring. Yours writing must be that appealing that you viewer should always be curious while watching the film. Twisting is the basic need while writing a film script. Twisting story engage your viewers well.

Choose a memorable character.

Short film looks more interesting when the character in it can be remembered by the viewers. A story of single character or a couple’s attracts more viewers. Story of one character with journey personality and goal should be chosen.

Plot, twists and story are important but without some strong and reliable character, the film can be forgotten. Even if the film is of 15-20 minutes the character should be strong enough. Plus! These short films demonstrate the capability of the filmmakers to draw an impactful character.

Positive outlook.

People can find out a pessimistic outlook about human nature and relationships, but it is hard to find out something optimistic. One can see the darkness very easily but a hope of ray should always be searched. Script must leave some positive attitude or impression at the end of the film. Your ending should motivate the people rather than giving them a negative thinking.

Good story to tell.

There should always be a good story to tell to the viewers. Some emotional scenes can make a story good story. A love story or some biopic makes a very good story to tell.
A good story can also have connection with the writer or director which will make it more realistic. The creator’s connection to the material demonstrates a powerful point of view and it can be very much different from any other stories. A good and unique story always attracts the viewers.

These some simple points can help a person in making a short film. If one can create a film with memorable character, good visual medium, and short in length and with positive outlook, you will create a film that everyone wants to see.

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