Short Films,Big Money

Yes. You read that right. Short films give Big money and I’m going to tell you how.
Short films have carved a niche for themselves in the entertainment industry. Along with commercial cinema, the short film union has joined the bandwagon to earn some big bucks.
Short films have been getting quite a bit of positive reputation in the recent times. The fact that they are brief, mostly made of relatable important content and easy to access is probably why they have gained so much popularity.
Below are some ways in which you can make money out of your short film.

1. YouTube.
This is undeniably the simplest way to promote your film and earn from it.
YouTube gets 5 billion views every day!
iisuperwomanii, AIB, TVF, Casey Neistat and so many  owe much of their income to YouTube .
YouTube being free and so easy to access are the reasons why many people watch videos on this website. YouTube is slowly becoming synonymous with Google.
Monetizing your channel ensures that all the views on your video change into some serious money over a certain time period. Moreover, popularity on YouTube will allow you to be discovered by PR agencies and talent scouts. The only investment you’ll need is your short film, a good internet connection and a laptop.
So go build your channel right now!

In case you do not have the required number of subscribers at present, start looking for channels to which you can sell your film to. These channels will publish your video on their page and you can use their reach to increase your subscriber count.
You can also collaborate with famous YouTubers and feature them in your videos.

2. Working with appropriate organizations.
Working with quality organizations will build your brand as a filmmaker and will get you paid. You receive most of the funding from them and all they would want from you is a shoutout. 
Good companies are mostly involved in active CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).   Supporting projects like short films on social causes will be very beneficial for them and thus for you too.  You can use their funding to improve the production and also be paid for it.

3. Brand Deals.
Incorporating and promoting a product of a particular brand can also be a good source of funding.
As mentioned above if your film is using the product or even mentioning it, the brand is made known to the audience. This form of advertisement enhances publicity for the brand.
Seek out PR agencies or the marketing department of brands and get in touch with them. Mention the details, aim and audience of your project to get sponsorship. As the quality and reach of your films increase, brands will automatically start approaching you to feature them in your project. Keep in mind to support brands whose quality you believe in as teaming up with external companies will affect your reputation.

4. Participating in Competitions and Contests.
This is not a regular way of getting an income but the rewards for the top winners are very high and can be used for covering costs of production or for further investment. Showcasing your short film in important film festivals can help you network among famous creators and contact them for grants.
If your project is innovative and of good quality they might collaborate with you and share profits.

5. Selling the rights of the film.
If you want just a single time payment for your short film, send in your film to distributors of famous film festivals, television shows and YouTube channels. If they are impressed with your work you can sell the legal rights of the film to make it a feature film.

“Go out and make something that reflects your interests, your taste, and your ideas. No one will pay you to make something until you have a few things you can show that you’ve directed. I got my start by making short films on my own.”  Joseph Kosinski

Mr Kosinksi shares some very wise words here.
At the end of the day it’s the content what matters. Work hard on the substance of your film and to convey your message.

After all filmmaking is an art and it’s story is the muse.

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