Part 2: 10 Outstanding Short Films of 2016

Genre: Romantic

A married bong beautiful women fall in love with a cameraman during her photo-shoot, the story revolves around the women, her husband, and the cameraman.There are many twists and turn which make the movie a perfect one.



5. I love you too
Genre: Romantic

A psychopath lover falls in love with the beautiful girl of his college, when he sees her close with somebody else, his anger and feeling of distress compel him to take an inhuman step, At the end, they come together but in a very tragic way.

6. The Crowman
Genre: Documentary

This real life based short movie was officially selected by 16th Mumbai Festival. Trikamji Thakkar has proved that life can be celebrated with anyone and anywhere, it might be just a flock of crows.




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