Innovative Way to make Money

What are the ways to make money via short films

Short films are the laboratory of cinema. It’s the place where filmmakers experiment and learn.There has been a seismic change in short films since, the digital revolution has made production costs significantly lower

The demand for short films has never been higher. but nowaday’s bloggers, new digital platforms, major media companies and brands are crying out for quality short films that can be streamed in order to build prestige and earn them distinction and drive traffic to their social media,but  few are paying for it

Different ways short films can make money

Everyone firstly think about uploading the video to the YouTube and then making money from it. Is it really a practical source to cover up all the production expenses for your film?   The real answer lies below

1. If you are a professional Filmmaker, so you can’t make videos as like usual viral video craps that appear in the trending section of YouTube, Right? On YouTube, the word viral is weighed higher than the word Quality. In addition to this, the YouTube videos get the popularity on the basis of the subscribers count. So, if you decided to upload your first short film to your own new YouTube channel, we say it won’t be beneficial to you, because if your YouTube channel has the subscribers count below 80, then it wouldn’t be optimize in the Google algorithm and your video didn’t make any money.

So, what to do instead and what are the alternatives?

Based on your film speak language province, Start a collaboration with a well running YouTube channel that having a high volume of subscribers and start a business partnership with them or you can Sell your videos to a Verified (tick icon shown) YouTube Subscriber

2.Second possible way is through Film Festivals, if you believe that your film is an outstanding one, then the film festivals are the real time sources to earn Money. The Film festivals like Mumbai International Film Festival. Atlanta, Sundance offering highest prize money for the best short films but problem with film festival is that ,If you want to showcase your film to a Film festival, then don’t upload it to online, why because almost all the film festivals aren’t accepting the films that telecasted on a local TV network or uploaded in any video sharing sites

3.Selling the legal rights of your short film for making it as a feature Film, if luck favours the financer (Film Producer )allows you to direct that film or else you will get patent rights for using the theme of short film subject to a feature film

These are just few ways , and now the market is becoming innovative . But content is the king . Only quality short films can bring back returns and it will take time to market your film well through social media for it to receive visibility. Keep trying and experimenting . Money will come on the way once  a product that can speak on itself .

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