Act of Intellectual


  1. Create a blog or a website.

Once you are done creating your short film, it’s time for you to promote and share it. Creating a blog or a website for the same will be really useful as it is going to increase your audience. Blogs have been trending in the recent times and they tend to capture people’s attention. You can also create a website of your own and upload all your works, you can use the website for providing a detailed information on your short film and perhaps you can also explain the process of creating a short film. This is surely set to inspire others eventually leading them to watch your short film. Also, your website will not only serve as a promotion tool but a place where you get reviews on your film.

  1. Hold competitions on your website

If you have a website of your own, then the best way to promote your short film is by conducting competitions on your site. People who are interested in creating short films will view your website as a platform to promote their own works. The more entries you get, more the number of visitors to your site. To get an idea of how to make short films or even to get inspirations for the same, people who are participating in competitions through your site will definitely view your displayed works.

  1. Choose Topics from everyday life

Films that talk about the struggles and issues of everyday life are all set to be in the limelight. If you make short films on topics with which the common people can relate to, it will obviously turn out to be successful. People want their stories to be told, they want their struggles to be brought up to light. Short films can be used to highlight certain unheard and unseen issues. If the audience is able to connect and identify themselves with the story of your short film then consider this is a stepping stone to success.

  1. Invite scripts for the film

There are many people who have excellent stories to tell. There are people who want their perspective to be told through movies but it’s a sad truth that most of the times they do not receive the recognition and appreciation they deserve. Since not everyone gets the chance of making their dream come true, you being a film-maker can help other talents to be discovered. Invite scripts for your short films and who knows you will be surprised to get many wonderful and heart touching stories which you can into beautiful short films.

  1. Conduct surveys and quizzes!

Surveys and quizzes take up not more than 5-10 minutes of your time, but they are an essential tool in making people think about something in specific. Conducting short surveys and quizzes on movies or entertainment related topics is an activity through which you can engage and interact with random people, whom you generally will not get to contact. You can visit places like colleges, cafes and even the metro stations and ask people to spare not more than 10 minutes of their time. Prepare questions that are easy to answer and does not force the readers to think much, you can provide free tickets to your short film at the end of the survey.

  1. Create Innovative Posters.

It has been scientifically proven that any information displayed in the form of images is going to stay in your mind for a longer duration than information in the form of words or even sound. Capturing the attention of your audience with the help of posters is a great way to promote your short film. Posters are not just pretty images, they are great information written in limited words. Moreover, posters can be placed anywhere and everywhere making it visible to a larger proportion of people because not everyone has access to being updated online. The majority of the population are students and working class people who are commuters of public transports so putting posters with catchy lines and creative designs at bus stops, cafes and public places will inform a large audience about your short-film, its releasing date and so on.

  1. Social networking sites

Social networking sites are nowadays used more for advertising than communication. It will cost you nothing and also helps you to spread the word within a short duration. You can share the links of your short film and share it with your friends’ circle and also with the public. People these days follow and view pages and videos that they find interesting instinctively.

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