5 Intense Short film Marketing Strategies for Increased visibility

The short film marketing strategy for a short film should start way before the actual movie starts rolling. If you are considering the options after completing, you have put yourself in a slightly tough spot. No worries!!! Still, there is a great chunk of luck left…


This is the most important step. If you have not named your film yet or there is an option to rename the movie make sure that the name is as attractive as possible. At times it does not have to link with the story (that is where most of them go crazy) naming a movie is the first step of attracting a crowd. Let the audience watch the film to find out if the justice to the name is served in the film.


The film may not have a great story or brilliant lightning (though all these factors do effect the film) it is key to showcase what the movie has in a clean and attractive way. As a veteran actor, Jagathy Sreekumar said, “even if it is rice and pickle for lunch make sure that you serve it on a clean plate and with big smile”.


You may consider this as an impossible step but it is a doable and highly marketable idea if a celebrity comments or shares his views about the movie in social networking sites it will lead to great mileage for the film.


The most effective way to market your movie is to create a buzz in the environment it can be created via trailers, teasers and even rumours (even controversies). This causes an urge in the audience to watch the film at any cost.


This is the ultimatum there is nothing bigger than the satisfied audience promoting the movie. Like for any product the good will in case of movies the BOX-OFFICE life will be determined by the positive word of mouth.

Though there are many more factors and not forgetting social media sites what I have brushed through are the important ones, and let’s make your film an experience to the audience such that they have no way of forgetting the scenes and always have something to take back.

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