Ulterior motive for Submission of a ShortFilm


An idea or a thought remains so until you give it wings to fly out and make an impact. The value of your work is appreciated when it reaches the ones who knows it, appreciate it and promotes it. 

Being a film maker it could be your dream to walk the red carpet to screen your thoughts and your creative work to a film festival. There are many benefits to be earned from being in a film festival. Short films and short filmmakers are the lifeblood of the film festivals. Short films are generally used by filmmakers to gain experience and prove their talent in order to gain funding for future films, from private investors, entertainment companies, or film studios. It is a platform where people connect and unleash their power for a global impact through their creative works. A film festival encourages creative minds to stretch its wings to discover more than itself and to soar out for more inspiration and motivation.

You might pounder on the reasons to submit your shortfilm to a film festival. By doing so, you will not only just see new films but you discover new voices. People different from you, in opinions, perspective, vision and thoughts take part in film festivals by portraying their ideas in many a different ways. By taking part in the film festival, you could get to know a world that’s different in its colors through the creative works of different film makers. You would get to know of other young film makers like you and many potential collaborators.

One cannot perceive extend of exposure you gain. A public screening of your work will help you gain exposure for your film. You’re guaranteed at least one (if not more) theater full of people whose attention is devoted to your film. The publicity surrounding the film festival and your screening can also help you gain exposure and further potential promoters of you works. Filmmakers can leverage the festival’s wider online audience to gain new followers for their work. You will also receive constructive criticism for the betterment and valuable guidance for you future works.

Film festivals are gathering of film makers, film enthusiasts and people who work in the film industry. There could not be better platform for networking and you could do so by not getting superficial or corporate for it’s the people with similar passion as yours. You get to meet new people, share ideas and get inspired. Who knows, perhaps you’ll meet someone who wants to help market your film or collaborate on your next project — or a new friend who can travel with you in your journey of creating films that will inspire the world.

At a film festival you could meet someone who wants to distribute your film. It’s known that representatives from high-profile distribution companies attend the festival and shop for films. Distribution deals are inevitable, and are a huge motivator for filmmakers to get into these festivals in the first place. Just being selected for a festival helps to open your film up for consideration, so it’s a great position to be in if distribution is what you’re looking for.

The film festivals offer awards and aside from filling up that trophy case, film festival awards are important for two main reasons: money and clout. Funding can be a huge barrier for entry into the filmmaking world. If you can round up in a cash prize, you’re that much closer to creating your next project. If your award doesn’t come with cash, the accolade itself can get you far. Other festivals, filmmakers, or distribution companies may reach out to you on that basis. If you can add those laurels to your film’s marketing material and name the awards it has won, people are likely to pay more attention to your works.

Most importantly participating in the film festival and displaying you short film to the world you are in for a wonderful experience. As a filmmaker, your goal is to share your work with others so as to entertain, inspire and engage an audience. A film festival is a perfect opportunity to experience watching your work with others, to gauge reactions and gather valuable feedback. It’s exciting, frightening, humbling, encouraging, motivating, enlightening, energizing, and inspiring to have the world’s take on your wonders on display.

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