Typical Steps for making ShorFilms


The modern era is developing at a very fast pace and there is a development of many technologies which are used at every corner of the world. In this document, the discussion is about the simple secrets of making short films. As this is an internet world and everything is connected to the internet which is called internet of things (IOT). As the internet plays an important role in each individual’s life so short films have become as the trend now a day’s especially in the countries like INDIA because in INDIA almost 2.3 billion people are connected to the internet that is almost the half the population of the world. A short film is basically a feature film which is not long enough. The length of the short films can be reached up to 40 minutes. Short films are generally made by the non-profit organization, non-government organization, film grants, sponsors and are of low or no budget.

The short films are not just short but can play an important role in the writer’s and the director’s life because many renowned directors and writers have started with the short films. In making a good short film there is not any shortcuts or fast rules. Because everyone has different tastes and some people like the particular things and some do not like the same thing. Some of the basics takeaways on making short films are as follows:

Step 1: have a story to tell which is good

The very first step is to have a good story and if the story is not good then it will definitely create a problem for the director. The story must be different and should not be the same as written before. The director has to think the out of the box so that the story should not get monotonous. The director must know the taste of audience and must know what they want. In film making the story is the toughest part and if the story is best the motivation will help you to go ahead. If the director cannot write the best story then the director can hire the best writer.

Step 2: use of available resources

There are some films which have a high budget, for example, they have car chases, lasers, explosions. The director must not try to copy those things and try to concentrate on whatever the director has. The high budget films do not always become popular the films which have a low budget also becomes popular. Yes, the budget does matters but not always, what does always pay off is the direction by the director.

Step 3: featuring memorable characters

One of the important things in making a film for the director is the characters. The biggest film with the high budget is nothing without any character or memorable leads. The director should use the characters which can leave the memory in the mind of people. To make the film rememberable character plays an important role even if the story and the budget are perfect otherwise the story might be forgotten.

Step 4: twists in the beginning and the end 

People like surprises and suspense, it should be very well known to the director. A twist at the very beginning of the story will compel the people to watch the whole film. If the director brings the surprise at the end of the story then the viewers will be willing to watch the second part of the film. The director must use as many twists as possible at the beginning of the film as well at the end of the film.

Step 5: the outlook is largely optimistic

The director must end the story with some positive thing. If the director ends the story with a positive impression then there are more chances to remember the film as a viewer. There is a famous saying that says that one can find a light even in the dark story. The director must challenge himself/herself about the story whether the story is going to be uplifted or going to be a flop. With this, the director will gain an experience and can do better for the next time.

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