Top Tracks to promote your ShortFilm

Top creative ways to promote your shortfilm

With an increasing trend in the production of shortfilms, so is there an increasing competition and a race to be on top. No matter how good, new or unique your shortfilm is, it can never grab the attention of the masses if it is not correctly promoted. The hard work done would be useless if the shortfilm does not manage to get noticed by people. Hence, promotion of your shortfilm plays a major role. There are a number of ways to do so. But what matters is, how effective they are!

What is the most important way of promoting your shortfilm which is obvious and the most dependable?  A way that never fails, never disappoints? It’s the most amazing platform called social media. The most common social media sites consist of Facebook and Twitter followed by Instagram. The basic step of promoting the short film would be creating a page on Facebook wherein regular updates can be posted. Promotion can be started off by releasing a trailer on the page and tagging people associated with it. This helps in increasing the visibility of the post. The trailer should be interesting enough to create anticipation among the viewers. Friends and family can be asked to share the posts. Several hashtags can be mentioned in the posts to increase the chances of visibility on the post. Similarly, sharing posts and teasers on Twitter along with catchy phrases and appealing sentences helps in promotion. Similar strategies can be applied on Instagram. Even if the posts are shared daily and are interesting, nothing can be viral or popular if the page does not have a good following. Therefore, a strong following audience is recommended on social media promotion. If possible, online contests can be organized in order to create hype and buzz about the shortfilm. This idea is an out of the box way which is not tried by many.

The most simple and best formula which is the easiest and inevitable? That’s obviously mouth promotion. Our family and friends are definitely the first ones we would go to, promoting the film. Sharing the video links with your parents and siblings is a great way. Doing the similar thing at your workplace and in your social circle is vital. This is how the information spreads and keeps on propagating in social circles. Nowadays, letting someone know about your film has become comparatively easier. One can simply share the YouTube link of the video to all his WhatsApp contacts as a broadcast message. This also gives a personal touch to the promotion activity.

The coolest kind of promotion can be collaborating with another video channel and being a part of their videos. This can be a give and take process as well. Promotion of their videos can be done on your channel and promotion of yours, on their channel. This would provide you with more audience since people visiting your collaborator’s channel would be interested to see your video as well. This is a unique concept and can work well if done the correct way.

Larger audiences can be reached by submitting your shortfilm at a shortfilm festival. Such festivals are arranged on a large or a local scale and constant information about them must be kept. Try to submit the shortfilm at many places as possible.  Also, you can submit your shortfilm online in online shortfilm festivals. If selected, your shortfilm will get a large group of audience from around the globe. Film bloggers or bloggers that review short films can accordingly be contacted and asked to write a review about it. This can create more buzz and more audience can be gathered.

These are some of the top creative ways of promoting your shortfilm. A wide variety of options and all are equally rewarding. Promotion is not just a physical task but an art. It has to be done in a natural and creative way and without making it obvious that promotion is being done. Instead of going for normal and boring ways, use trendy topics and images in your promotion can people would relate to and automatically be interested to watch the shortfilm and share it.

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