Tactics to Promote your ShortFilm

Top Creative ways to Promote your Short Film

There are various online and offline ways which can help you to promote your Short Film. Promotional task is very important to gain viewership, therefore it has to be done in creatively . Here are a few creative methods that can help you to promote your short film:

Social Media Tactics

  • In the online age, you got to be on the Internet to gain popularity. So before you release the film, first, create a website for your short film. The website should be thematic according to the film so that it catches the viewer’s eye. Make sure you keep your visitors engaged by posting regular content relating your short film.
  • The next very significant task is creating a YouTube channel, Facebook page, a Twitter handle and an Instagram account. These three platforms will enable you to interact with the viewers.
  • So now when you are on the Internet, you can start off with creative tactics. You can release a mind blowing teaser or trailer to intrigue your viewers. Keep posting posters of the short film, behind the scene pictures etc. You can hold contests like ‘Take a Selfie’ if your plot permits. For example, if your film is on the theme of Love, then ask people to send their selfie with their lover and share their story with you. You can get them posted on your page and get more shares. This works immensely to acquire more popularity.
  • Do a few LIVE sessions on Facebook. This builds audience as well and can be done before or after the release.
  • Create an unique #hashtag. This will help you and your fans to follow all posts related to the film. Use this hashtag during contests and also while posting.
  • You can also conduct an online quiz or creative writing session after the release of your film. Ask people to write a short story using the theme or character names of your film and post it on their wall with your hashtag. The best ones can be published on your website. Do this only if you have manpower who can go through the stories.
  • Don’t forget to ask your cast and crew members to invite their friends to follow you on Social media. Facebook Page boost ups can increase the reach of your page. Don’t hesitate to do it if your budget permits.

1.Conduct a Flash Mob or Street Play

This is one brilliant way to catch people’s attention. You can select a few people who can dance or act as per your requirement and get down on the street! Direct a short act of 2-3 minutes which easily explains your short film’s plot or theme. You can print a few leaflets which will contain important links and information about your film. Hand it over to the audience. If you can do this in a few selected places, then you are likely to get a lot of people talking about your film. Don’t forget to take prior permission from the required authority of the venue.

2.Get on to a Radio Station

It might sound crazy, but yes there are still a lot of people who tune into radio everyday. You can approach a few FM companies and ask them if they are willing to do a small session with you on their shows. If they agree, you can be at profit. A small narration of your story or an interview with the director would be nice.

3.Approach the Online Magazines

There are various online start ups which run magazines. These people are waiting for new stories. Go ahead and approach them for an interview with the cast. They might also share your video and review it.

4.Submit your Film to TV Channels, Cable, Online Streaming Networks

This might be a difficult task for beginners but once you build contacts, this works wonders.

5.Self-screening at different places

You can screen your film at schools, colleges, old-age homes etc. Take reviews from the people and post it on your social media. This will also be a noble deed and increase compassion among people.

6.Submit to Film Festivals

You can submit your film to various film festivals. If you get selected for a screening, send invitations to various important people to come and watch the film.

These few creative ways can help you to achieve a great viewership all over the world. Stay focused and have a good team for promotional work.

-Jaismita Alexander.

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