Superior Path for Promotion

Top Creative ways to promote your short film

You made the short film- congrats! That’s the half-win but wait, the war is still there. There will be no point of making short films unless you can showcase them unless the greater audience is attracted to it, unless it can reach out to the actual people out there. You put your money, passion, Diligence, vision and storytelling actually nearly everything but have you considered how it can communicate to the panoramic range of audience. Filmmakers or aspirant filmmakers need to promote their films so that it can gain maximum spotlight in industry. Promotion sounds too costly already! No problem, Here are some creative ways which can actually promote your short film to gain uttermost attention and the fun part is you won’t have to spend a lot of money at all. Some ways are like extremely free, just need a little sense of connecting people and flair of marketing.

Say loud on the Web

Before you do anything, the easiest way to promote your short film to various ranges of the audience even demographically is spending a lot of hours on the internet. Yes, you heard right! There is numerous platforms like websites, forums, portals etc where you can get a space to present your pitch or synopsis. You can advertise yourself like everywhere. The more time you learn to become internet savvy, it will make you a better understand internet marketing. Just learn to manage multiple platforms, customize your online time and look out for the better ways to optimize the best out of many options you have on the web for the promotion.

Create an ‘Official’ Website

‘Official’ sounds cool, right? Create a website to present your short film and showcase your film press kit there. You can put all film related information on that, so that audience could connect to film and their crew and cast, even in the process of making. You can share the teaser, trailers, any promotional video on the website. Production, on-camera and off-camera photo shoots are pretty good idea to make your website professional and glamorous. You can add bloopers and funny videos the regarding making of the short films. You do not have to make it very fancy -just be sophisticated and original. You can also connect to young film aspirants and students, may be for helping in the promotion or even in further film projects. Try to put more genuine content to your website. Don’t hesitate to be creatively experimental. Just go out-of-box!

Make Promotional Videos

One of the modern concepts of promotion is – connect visually. There could be millions of ways you can make mini- videos of 2-3 minutes related to your short film. It can be about some derivative idea, some set of film bloopers and mistakes shot during film, some musical representation or anything. Promotional videos are different from teasers and trailers as it doesn’t need to present the exact storyline of your short film.You can make it like -an introduction to your characters, production videos, making or simply try to make it little innovative. Then, you can promote these videos to social media platforms, your official short film website and other internet platforms.

Blog, Vlog & Vines

That’s really interesting to film even a journey of the making of the film. It is not exactly all about the process but the experiences, feelings and journey you and may your team go through. Write daily blogs or journals about the day of shooting whether you make film in 2 days or 12 days. Publish it online, so real people can meet the real people. Right? You can update film related news and buzz. Put links of your short film website and videos in your blogs. This will also join people who have put aside from the world of short films – even they can connect you here. Vlogs and Vines are really cool concept, you can make one-shot videos of on location shootings or fun time with your team. It can be little away from the film also, like you went for a trip with your team or for pizza may be!

Social Media

One of the effective medium to market your short film. Everything you do – like vlog, blog, short film website -just make it on social networking websites. Make facebook fan page(s), twitter handles and feeds, youtube channel, Instagram and whatever trending over the world. Connect via whatever social media, you aware of! Even a little putting money on boosting pages or promoting it can push your circle. Spread the word loud.

Curiosity brings people

This may look not exactly marketing and advertising strategy but do believe it works. Make your teasers and trailers intriguing and curious. Give it a jaw-dropping end or make the end interesting and untold. More you make your promotional video content interesting and fascinating, more people will attract.

Film festival Submissions

The most obvious but most important way to put your short film on larger audience range and give it a platform- Film festivals. There are plenty of international and in-house festival circuits where you can submit your film. It may be screened there, get awards, cash prizes, recognition and hell of chances to get fame.

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