Why Should you Submit Your Shortfilm to a Film Festival?


Nothing is worse than a work of art that never gets to see the light. Imagine putting your heart into something and then realizing you do not have an appropriate platform for showcasing your piece of art. You don’t want to share it with the world like just another selfie. You want your efforts to get acknowledged and receive the necessary criticism it deserves. Also, it won’t be too bad if you could actually make money out of your work. But, the question is- How?

There are several ‘pay per view’ portals like YouTube and Vimeo that can help you with the money making thing but it is not as simple as it sounds. For your short films to get enough views you need to be able to garner a considerable number of subscribers which might take longer than you expect. As an alternative, you can collaborate with an already popular channel which comes with its own list of cons like sharing ad revenues, getting restricted because your content does not meet their standards. Turning to platforms like these also limits you to the virtual world and might not provide you with enough opportunities to grow as a content creator.

Any other similar medium would pose a list of challenges before you give in and be done with making short films. And that’s where the glorious film festivals come in, where you experience the world of short films from a different perspective. As a budding filmmaker, film festivals can do you good more than anything. They have an environment conducive to the growth of short film makers.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should submit your short film to a film festival.

Experience– Film festivals are a must have experience for filmmakers just because of the amazing opportunity to garner feedback that comes with it. When you become a filmmaker, you want to share your work with an audience that appreciates it and what is a better occasion than a film festival for experiencing that response. You get to see the reactions of your audience which inspires you to persevere. The chance of getting to experience the overwhelming response is reason enough why you should consider film festivals as a platform.

Recognition & Distribution– If your hard work pays off and your short film gets in for a premier, you know your film is going to be recognized by an audience consisting of producers and distributors who might get interested in collaborating with you for future projects. Film festivals are a great way for ending up being under the consideration of high profile distributors who are also seeking new talent.

Networking Events– There is a reason why film festivals are called “festivals”. They are much more than just a place where films get screened. There are numerous networking events, gigs and parties where you get a chance to catch up with your contemporaries and listen to their experiences in the movie making business.

You meet film enthusiasts and get to share your ideas and opinions with them. You might end up attracting some big filmmaker’s attention in the process.

Incentives– Most film festivals award generous cash prizes, trophies and awards to the best films. But other than the money and awards you get limelight in the media which draws attention to your future endeavors in the festival. Media coverage is crucial for your film to reach a wider audience and gaining online followers.

Exposure– Film festivals are an excellent opportunity of exposing yourself to the work of other filmmakers and getting inspired from them. You discover new movies and new people which groom you as a filmmaker and help you understand your competition.

There is a decent chance that your short film blows up and becomes the next ‘big thing’. All you have to do is believe in your work and enter a film festival. Local film festivals are the perfect stepping stones for reaching the ultimate goal. They help you in finding a niche audience who has interests similar to your work.

You must never forget the need to understand the importance of entering the right kind of festival which suits the genre of your movie best. Your film is more likely to win a genre-specific competition since it is not competing with other genres. And you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity like that.

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