Stroke for Bucks via ShortFilms

What are the ways to make money via short films ?

Nowadays, there are countless people who want to show their creativity and the new perspective via short films. It is a far best way to connect your thoughts with others, as you can see there are so many short movies or films are in industry, but the question is do such films earn money? Yes, however it depends on your luck and your content that helps in setting a money level and how much you are going to get after selling or movie. Making money via short films are not that hard but make sure that you are aware of the consequence as well. For helping you, here are top ways by which you can earn good amount of money.

Top Different ways for earning money via your short films:

  • ØGo with YouTube

One of the most easiest ways for earning money is uploading your movies on YouTube. As you are already aware with the popularity and viewers number of youtube channels. However, before you do anything make user you know about few guidelines and rules that you need to follow, apart from that you also have two ways when it comes to this option either you upload your movie or you sell your movie to another channel. The first option, I.e. Uploading your movie for that firstly you need to make your own channel on youtube, and for the second option, make sure you only sell your movie to a tick or verified channels.

  • ØTake a help of VOD

There are tow types in VOD, let’s talk about the first one! VOD or you can say Vimeo on demand is a sharing website that allows you to upload your videos on their channel and in return you get money. It is one of the best options that are highly recommended by different famous filmmakers, you can take high maintenance or angry birds game as examples.

Second type of VOD is a video on demand, it is similar like Vimeo but there is some slightest difference that you need to know, when it comes to video on demand companies like Itunes and Amazon prime services are consider as best and trusted platform. You can upload your short films via such services, one of the best and biggest benefits that you get is huge numbers of viewers and a ready platform for releasing your short films.

  • Selling rights of your short film

If you think that your movie is far better than releasing or selling on small levels then you should go with this option as well. There are thousands of producer and production companies that finance short movies. You can contact with them and sell your movie’s rights, however there are some chances that you can work with them as well if your movie’s content is amazing.if not that, you can get money on your movie’s patent.

  • Downloads and lots of downloads

Make sure if you are going for this option then you already posted your movies on different and every possible platforms. The more your movie is available the larger number of download you are going to get. Apart from that, you also need to understand the whole pattern and how such things works? Also, your movie’s quality and content play an important role.

  • Submit Film festival

Last but defiantly not the least, submitting your film in the film festival is best option that you can choose. If you think that your movie’s standard, story, plot, and every other point are amazing then only submit your movies. There are different levels and categories that you need to choose according to your preference, also you can present your movies however you need to submit some amount of money for that, but you can earn huge if your movie got shortlisted or won. There are different film festivals that organized in different locations, it can be internationally or nationally. if you are choosing Film Festivals and other programs then please don’t sell your movies anywhere as it is against the rule and they will not accept your movie if it is on the internet or any other place

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