Steps to setup an Engaging ShortFilm

Short films, as the words indicate, is rather a shorter version of the typical movies we watch nowadays. But in these two words, the word “SHORT” should never be underestimated as something which is short in meaningfulness or not having something which is required to make a film a great one. In fact, as far as my own experience is concerned, all the short-films that I have watched are far better than any average length film. This I am saying because of the fact that a short-film gives a much better message in a shorter span of time. Sans any of the goofy item-numbers of a typical Bollywood drama and without any action-packed sequence of a Hollywood thriller, a short-film shows the audience the larger picture in the minimum amount of time required. In a short film, all the efforts of writers, directors, actors and the whole team are portrayed on the screen in just 5-20 minutes approximately. Just imagine the amount of pressure they must be having to covert that dream in which they have invested huge amount of hard-work and efforts into making a huge success!! But without proper strategically planning and promotion no work can be recognised. There are multitudinous ways which can prove helpful in making a great short film and increasing its views worldwide.

Some of the best ideas are as follows:

  1. Social Networking/ Social Media Marketing

It won’t be rocket-science to guess that this idea would be on the top of the list. Each and every PR Company and every agent try to do this for promotion. Start with Facebook fan page creation and a twitter handle for your film. Upload it on Youtube as that is the best platform to increase your short-film views. Share it with your family, friends and relatives and even ask them to promote it further. Talk about your short film as much as you can.  This would help create a hype about it and people would actually start waiting for your film to get released. A successful marketing strategy is to connect the people with your work. Release posters of your film atleast one month before the film actually comes out.

2.Promoting and submitting your film at film festival

By paying a nominal fee of about $75, you can easily submit your short-film to any      film festival. But this cannot be done without proper promotion of the film. This can be done either by following the above mentioned strategy and if the film gets accepted in the film-festival, you can easily get the e-mails of the marketing agents as they have a huge database of many film promoters as well as general audience which can help in promoting your film and increasing the views if the film.

3.Creation of a spectacular trailer and eye-popping teaser for your short-film

The success and failure of a film immensely depends on the reaction the teaser of that film gets from the audience. Make the teaser of your film so eye-grabbing that the first question that everyone should have their minds after watching it should be- “What would happen when the mystery unfolds?”. The trailer should leave the audience guessing till the very end so that they keep their eyes glued to the screens to know as much about the film as they can. This strategy almost always works for each and every film and would grab sky-rocketing views.

4.Creation of a website particularly dedicated to your short-film

Every short film should have atleast one website where all the information about the film such as director, cast & crew, producer, and the names of the whole team should be present. The budget of the film as well as a few other worth-mentioning facts and figures should also be present on the site. Another thing which can help the site to get popular is by creating links on the home page where the actors have accumulated the in-between-the-shoot scenes or behind-the-scene videos of the film. From the pranks of the crew members to the struggles they faced together during the shoot, people would show interest in watching everything on the website. This would help engage more people to the film.

There are many more ways which can help to make a short-film successful but the above mentioned have been the tried and tested methods which have worked for every possible film made in this world.

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