Shortfilms: Is it the new Entertainment medium ?

“A good movie come in all length. You might find one best told in twenty minutes instead of one hundred and twenty minutes; a moment that speaks to your heart and cries out to be shared with the world.”

In this 21st century, people are aware of what is going around the globe through a strong medium called the Internet. With the help of this, a new trend is set of sharing your likes and dislikes on social media pages, it can make something go viral and make it to trending lists. Here is one thing that has made its place in the list i.e. Short Films. After observing it has been seen that many people have started seeing and sharing short films with their friends and relatives.

What is making people go crazy for short films? Everyone is so busy in their life, that they don’t get enough time to watch 2 hr. long movie after a tiring day at work, So, watching a 15 min movie online(Short Films available at: Shortfundly) with family at home makes people relax and happy. People are getting more practical in their ways, they like to see movie that has strong content, and mindful acting, which is eventually fading from Bollywood and Tollywood movies, which act as perk to Short-film, having time constraint, movie has to be to the point and it contains no dance item, no senseless comedy, it is pure “family” entertainment package.

It is the general tendency of people, to pull the legs of the one who is climbing stairs of success, So, how can “Mr. Short Film” be left untouched. Nowadays, especially youth goes to movie theaters because they are more interested in updating their status- checked into “xXx Mall with 10 others”, followed with too many ### tags, just to get 100’s of likes. Because of this, they don’t watch Short-films as they are not released on big screens, which is a loss for the one who respects art, As short films are a more creative form of entertainment. Many short films are far better than long movies yet they are under-rated as they are low budget films. Seriously! Money matters over art? No, sometimes experiencing a beautiful creation is priceless.

In the meantime, Canada has a television magazine program that features short films from across the country entitled the Short Film Face Off. Indonesia has an organisation focusing on short films dissemination, holding a monthly regular screening and also annual programs and special events for the public. It displays that everyone is helping to promote Short Films at large scale in their cities, then why should India be lacking in this procedure? I read somewhere: “Shortfilm has sharp editing, breakneck pacing and an overwhelming story” .I think that soon Short Films will be able to attain new heights, and bunch of them will be releasing on every Friday.
The new upcoming directors are also interested in making Short Films as it involves low budget and it is less time consuming, Moreover, it is opening the way for new budding actors, cinematographers etc., who want to make their career in entertainment industry.

Thousands of people, millions of views some are to the motion of increasing trend of short films, some are against, everyone has its own perspective about a subject. But indeed, from past 4-5 years craze for Short film have gradually increased as it has brought the positive change from all that daily boring Friday releases.

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