Reasons to Submission of your Short film to Film Festival

From a budding cinematographer to well established one.  In the midst ,what  appends to this is the  series of experiences and one has to strive to showcase the  work to captivate as many audiences as possible. Submitting short films to different film festivals across the globe can offer you the opportunity that you have been seeking for from so long.  Who knows  that your short film can be the calling card and one of the life-affirming experiences.

Here’s why we are here to give you the reasons that why you MUST submit your short film to film festivals:

#Provides the platform

As a spur it provides you the suitable platform to exhibit your work to different audiences and the best way for the would be film makers to gain acceptance into film festivals. Moreover, for the effective promotion and to bring your work into vogue in social media  is also taken care of by the film festival organizers. A perfect chance to get the work acknowledged by the industry clouts and other bigwigs.

#Place for network building

Film festival  is a public gathering , where  the budding filmmakers get to commune with the other established filmmakers  from the industry and various professions. Wallow yourself into the conversation with great exuberance,  share your ideas and thoughts in order  to socialize with people  working in the industry. To a great surprise you might find people who can be the part of your upcoming projects and many collaborative possibilities.


On the similar context with the former points. As the film festivals are organized in different parts of the world. Film makers not only get to screen their films in different places but also get to at times. Not forgetting that the film gets the chance to display it on the international level as well.

#“The only source of knowledge is experience.

Albert Einstein

Good. Bad. Ugly.If you are thinking all those efforts,time  and money have gone astray but remember every experience counts.  Film festival is the right opportunity to gain experience as a film maker , to learn the preferences of  the target audiences and get the feedback for your work.Furthermore, you also get to learn from others’ experiences. The more to gain experience the more flourish in letter stages 

#Review of others’ Work

It’s not only your work that is been displayed but also others. You get to watch otherr’ remarkable  work, analysis and learn from it, be it new camera techniques and twisting plots. Some films obscure from  the mainstream  films, they are unconventional ,artistic and creative sometimes beyond our imagination.  They bestow thoughts upon us and perhaps we get to learn those unconventional ways of film making. The live interaction with the film makers help us to enlighten ourselves with the facts that how he/she made this film and extract the insights of it.

#The Major attraction

Last but not the least the major attraction of any film festival is the Cash prize and other accolades. Irrespective of what the size of the  film festival is award is an award this.It is a nice way to accentuate the audience and media professionals and adorn yourself in the category of “award-winning .”

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