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Top Creative ways to promote your Short-films

It’s an age of time crunch where people appreciate forms of entertainment that do not eat much of their precious time. Short-films are the perfect answer to it. However, it’s not only the content but also the promotional strategy applied that weighs in. Below is a list of effective methods that will help you in devising a proper publicity plan.


  1. Social Media Promotion

Social Media is the fastest and most effective method of promotion. Creating pages of your short-film on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc. will help in gaining publicity. It’s necessary to interact with your followers as well. If your account is close to say, 448 followers, encourage people by posting, “On 448 followers now. Please help us hit 500!” Host giveaways and give prizes that are related to the theme of your short-film. This will not only help you gain new followers but also help to keep your older followers. Also, never underestimate the power of WhatsApp. Make sure to forward PR messages of your film.

2.Promote according to the target audience

The promotion techniques applied should be such that they cater to your target audience. For example, if the target audience is college students contact a college editorial board/magazine. Collaborate with them and come up with posts on their Facebook page or the editorial website itself to publicize to the students directly and effectively. Visiting colleges and interacting with the student body is also an effective method.

3.Creating a website and contacting subscribers

Along with Social Media promotion, it important to have a separate website dedicated to your short-film. Provide links to all of your social media accounts on the website along with your contact information. Provide the option of subscribing to updates on your websites in the form of a newsletter and keep in contact with your subscribers.


TV channels such as StarMovies, Sony Pix etc. have Behind the Scenes of movies playing between gaps of two movies. People are curious to know the story behind your story. Maintain a journal and post relevant updates from it on your website; they can be photographs on set, quotes from the crew. Post Vlogs and bloopers too. It makes your characters appear more human to the audience and helps in your ratings too.

5.Active participation of cast and crew

The cast and crew of your film play a crucial role in promotion. Likes, shares, and comments by the cast and crew on the official page of your film will make it appear on multiple newsfeeds and will make people curious to check out the film’s page. The cast should actively participate in promotion as they are the faces of the short-film. Autographed merchandise by the cast can be offered as the prize of the giveaways.

6.YouTube and Vimeo

YouTube and Vimeo are a pivotal part of your promotional strategy.

Starting off, the teaser of your short-film should be such that it spikes the curiosity level of your audience. It should showcase the best part of movie and intriguing enough to make the person want to watch the upcoming trailer.

Once you have a teaser that captures your audience’s mind, drop your trailer. The trailer must be sharp and precise, yet vague enough to generate interest. If the trailer makes the desired impact, you have a base ready for your film

Another thing is that people do judge a book by its cover, so the thumbnail of both teaser and trailer should be kept accordingly. Link your trailer and teaser to your website and all of your social media to maximize the number of viewers.

Fill in your metadata correctly. The tag words and details for your short-film should be filled in such that it makes searching less of a task.

7.Radio Promotion

Radio channels are still an in for people. Contact radio stations and arrange a live chat show. Herein, you can talk about your short-film and also get in touch with the people. Answer their questions and host a live giveaway. More the number of ears informed about your short-film, the better.

8.Online Submissions and Film Festivals

Along with all the promotion that you’re doing online, submit your short-film to various sites that showcase them online. Try to get your film showcased on their homepage and countdowns. Contact bloggers and request them to write a review. Engage on related forums too.

Participate in film festivals that play short-films such as Kala Ghoda Festival. If there are any noteworthy critics in the audience make sure to send them a press release. Also, it allows you to reach a wider base of audience particularly for short-films.

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