Need for Shortfilms

In today’s rat race era, short films are the best means to put your thought forward . As we know the visual information has a greater impact on the viewers. we can emphasise our points in a more effevtive way in visual mode that too a time saving visual which makes the short film worth watching. If i ever get to create an engaging short film i wpuld take care of certain points which contribute a lot to a good film. Firstly a short film should have an effective begining.Start with a hook to draw the audience to the story.most importantly the film story should not meander much.

It should keep its focus to the subject . It has to have a 3 act plan in it which includes the begining, the middle – suspense and the very apt ending. Find a way to introduce your characters of the film fast nd familiar to the audience. Make a non -limear story which can allow you to cover more information in short time. follow the “time economy” realistically. Try not to involve too many locations so that the viewers don’t get lost. To keep the interest of the audienve in the film deliver the key details at the perfecr moment. let your work speak for itslef. keep the film in audiovisual mode so that people watching the film understand the situation by their own judgements. Do not forget to involve youth ..Youth plays a very major role in development so to male their interest use technology more . By taking care of these points we can attract a lot many viewrs and spread knowledge and awarness throughout the world. A short fi with an apt moral is very essential to enhance the interest of people. Try making a film which is suitable to be watched by any age group and which can be understood by them easily. These are a few points from my side which i feel can do wonders in the coming scenario. I hope im able to justify my skills nd convince you that i am fit for this job.

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