5 Quality Steps to make good short films

How to ensure Quality Steps to make good short films

Short films are today’s medium of choice for creative storytellers. The short film as the name itself indicates restriction on the length of film. Although there is no such boundary drawn but the Academy of Motion pictures and arts says that the length should be less than or equal to 40 minutes. These films are often screened at local, national, or international film festivals and made by independent filmmakers. People make it to gain experience or to prove their talent in order to gain funding for future films from private investors, entertainment companies etc. And it’s almost the fastest way to see your work on screen, test your writing and directing skills, and get your name out into the world. If we look on Vimeo and YouTube, people are crawling with short films. But this also means that it is littered with thousands of bad ones, so how do you make good short films that will stand out from the bunch?

Further I will discuss the important points or secrets needed to make good short films :-

1.First and foremost important point is that the script should be good and up to the mark which is cheapest thing in terms of money in the film. If possible try to have personal connection with the story ,this will easily bring out the character in itself you want. Having a strong, unique point of view on the subject matter is key. People buy expensive actors and the expensive kit but the script is scratch so there film stands nowhere. Even less exciting locations can be made interesting with the clever script. It should have little room for subplots, secondary characters, montages, or epic scope. It should cover a single dilemma and resolves it in some way by the end.

2.Second most important thing is raising funds for your film .People don’t invest easily into beginners just make use of limited resources and don’t try to replicate Hollywood movies this simply won’t look good. It’s just a good idea to get your thoughts on paper and a great way to see if you can communicate an idea visually rather than needing the actors to verbally communicate the concept. The viewer is watching first and listening second. If you prefer a more structured approach, create a shot-by-shot list of all your camera work.

3.Thirdly, jot down the list of all possible locations you can shoot depending on the characters. Try to feature memorable characters. Plot, twists, and story are all important, but without someone we can empathize with, your film will be forgotten. Give your characters strong personalities, quirks, wants and goals. So that people can willingly follow them on their journey. Inturn with all acknowledgement, you make good short films

4.There should be twist at the end and the starting so that people see film with interest and wait for surprise at the end. Prioritize the scenes captured .Don’t make a predictable movie. Put in as many twists as possible especially in the first minute and the last minute of the movie. The viewer outlook is optimistic, you should make film so that it has positive impact on viewers mind. End with the positive spin if at all possible.

5.Technology is very vast today, make use of film as a visual medium. Film is just not about strong and economical dialogues. There should also be moody moments proper color, texture and sound. Before you proceed to editing your film watch all your footage through, writing notes on every shots stating if it works, are there technical problems. This will save you a lot of time when editing.

After editing your film, try to have copyright for your short film. Moreover, avoid uploading film on youtube unless you are sure that your video will get a large number of subscribers and for the first time if you are uploading the subscribers will be less and google algorithm will not be optimising it. If you want to showcase your film to a Film festival, then don’t upload it to online, why because almost all the film festivals aren’t accepting the films that telecasted on a local TV network or uploaded in any video sharing sites.

So the above 5 simple secrets will surely be helpful if you are thinking to make good short films So in case if you feel some other tips could feel I will be happy with your feedback.

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