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Simple Secrets on Making Shortfilm

Short film, as the name says a film that is short in duration, is the most effective and preferred methodology for aspiring directors and writers to showcase their writing as well as directing skills. One who is interested in film – making, or the one who want to showcase his/her work on screen, or anyone who want to get his/her name out all over the world and dreams of becoming popular as a finest director or scriptwriter, then short film making is probably one of the greatest calling card for them that can definitely help in fulfilling their dreams. But, it is important for all the aspiring writers or directors to be aware of all the secrets of short film making.

Be it creativity, innovation, featuring of fresh approach or setting new perspectives both in case of presentation and in case of content, a film maker should be aware of how he/she can make his/her story profound and inspirational. For this, film makers should keep all the following secrets in their mind while making a short film-

Ideas of presentation and choice of communication tools-

For a short film to be successful and famous, its writer and most importantly its director is required to use new, out of the box presentation methodologies like using motion pictures, etc., so that the film can appeal its audience in just one go. Further, using best communication tools is also equally important, as without effective communication the message behind the story might not be conveyed clearly. A story with a strong message can create a massive impact on the audiences if it is put into a more alluring but clear communicating manner so as to bringing the message to attentions of masses and creating a strong emphasis on the matters which shouldn’t be neglected.

Featuring memorable characters-

Giving your characters a strong personality can definitely prove that your story is the most inspirational and memorable one. The characters of your story should portray a very strong personality so that the audience can easily connect to them. If your film’s characters are not that strong as they are required to be then your story might lose its viewership. Hence, creating and featuring most memorable characters is equally important as putting forward a strong message behind the story.

Proper mix of situations and characters-

This is yet another simple secret on making short film. There should be a proper blend of characters & situations, because this is really helpful in getting higher scores for your story from its viewers. This means you should be choosing characters most suitable according to the situations of various shots in your film, so that the audience understands the situation and connects properly. For example, your story is about a 70 year old man who is still working to earn his living and you have taken a 40 year old man to play his character and he is not able to portray that exact struggle and difficulty in his act as a 70 year old might be. So this improper mix and match of characters & situations should be avoided.

Using available resources-

This is yet another most important secret which every director of a short film should know. It is easy to shoot with unlimited amount of resources but it is difficult to shoot a documentary or a short film with the available resources and not spending any extra penny on buying any additional resource from outside. A short film is a short film, a film which can be shot with very limited amount of resources. Hence, while making a short films try using the available resources only.

Story should be based on either an individual character or a couple of two, but not more than that-

Since you are making a short film, it is important that there are only one or two characters, the story revolves or based on. More than two main characters in your story hold a tendency of losing viewership. Moreover, the message behind the story will be more clear to the audience as they will not get confuse while understand each character’s situation.

Use of visual manifestations-

Short films are not just about using strong and economical dialogues; it is also about using alluring and appealing visual manifestation that helps in making sound, texture and pure color moments.

Henceforth, these are some simple secrets on making Short film, which every short film maker should keep in mind while shooting or directing or writing a short film.

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