Lifestyle of a short filmmaker/actor/director

In today’s world, there’s a comprehensible difference between a shortfilmmaker and a regualr filmmaker. Evitably or inevitably, the genreal audience has developed a notion that the shortfilmmakers chase passion, where as the regular fillmakers chase glory or wealth. The same goes to actors and directors.
Suitingly, the lifestyles of short fillmakers, actors and directors take unexpected turns from that of regular filmmaker, actors and directors. The people linked with short films believe in having a simple life, away from all the chastised nature of the bigger cinema verse.
Although, we cannot completely agree upon the fact that all short fillmmakers are simple and are shy from the attention. Though they lack the glitz and the glamour, they make up for it using their passion and love for filmmaking. Emabracing this passion, they tend to lead a lifestyle thats suits their interests fittingly. In today’s world, we encounter many short fillmmakers and actors who are no more than regualr people, that is, your regualr engineer, or a company employee or even a chauffefer. Sometimes, people make short films just out of boredom, other times, they pursue it to depict the various indifferences in our society, while other times, it’s a mere prologue to a bigger “Picture”.

In General context, sprawling the above points over to individual roles in the short film industry, we can see how differently the actors and directors lead their lives. The actors, most of the time, are none other than the general people, they can be anyone, from a university student to an engineer. They don’t go overboard with the way they lead their life. They chose the smoother path, the one that the movie actor doesn’t choose.

The filmmakers and directors on the other hand, they have an indefinite passion for filmmaking. The passion that often is the very driving force of their existence. They look for an inspiration in every prospect of their life and they churn magic out of it. They turn every tiny detail into a professed and nuanced artform that only a fellow art lover can comprehend.

The livestyles of these filmmakers differs from country to country, sometimes even within a country. The topics they choose are oven often so feeble and fickle that not everyon can understand them. Their lifestyle will be fittingly suited for the amount of work they need to spend on thier short film or project. Some short films are kind of like documentaries while others are like movies. The former kind need a lot of research and documentation, for which, the writers, filmmakers have to do a lot of research and field work. Cast appropriate actors and come with an apt script for the film.

The topics on which these short films are made are ususally related to the state un which their respective country is currently in. Most of them tend to tackle ongoing social and cultural revolutions. They capture the moment and make it seem like an everyday life. The short films made, most of the time are so raw that one can only wonder if they are for real. The actors and other crew tend to determinally link themselves up with the role they’re assigned to and they work on it till they succeed.

There is no tremendous gender differentiation in this field. Since, the earning is considerably meagre, the jobs assigned and the pay for both men and women will be of the same considerable range.

A short fillmmaker, actor or a director will ensure that they pursue their goal of being an extraordinary artist at the same time run away from the glitz and scrutiny of the cinemaverse. They lead a simpleton life, a life free from bustling photographers, rampant articles about their private life or a mob of followers. If you look at them, you see nothing but a friend in them, for some, it’s their mother and for others its their colleague who they never had the oppurtunity to get to know.

In conclusion, there isn’t much of difference between the our lives and that of an artist from the short film industry. Perhaps, that’s what propels all of us to go out there and get involved in the beautiful art of short filmmaking.

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