Inference to deference your ShortFilm

Reasons to Submit your Shortfilm to Film Festival

A short film has a life. It is shot, edited, compiled and finally rendered to finish it’s birth cycle. Once the film is rendered, it starts it’s life. It then travels through countless mobile phones, computers , ipads etc  for rest of it’s life. There are two types of the short films – ‘ones who are meant to serve and create harmony in the compact and concise world of the storyline ‘or ‘the ones which documents a particular place, situation or people’. Both the types of films, have one thing in common – “ They need audience and recognition “.

Ask any director, ‘what does he wants to do with his film? ‘. The answer will be the same no matter how many directors answer this question. They want people to see their films. And the filmmakers who don’t have means to showcase their films to a larger audience, sometimes feel quite disappointed. These filmmakers are mostly students, professors, struggling directors etc who usually prefer to work on short film projects. For them submitting a short film into the festivals means a lot. It provides them with various opportunities which we will discuss later in this essay. But most importantly. It provides them with an audience.

The film festivals attract a huge amount of crowd, the film enthusiasts, who are keen to watch the films which aren’t contemporary orthodox commercial films. Once, a film is screened in a festival, many of these enthusiasts, provide endless opportunities to the film makers. The filmmakers minge around with these enthusiasts and increase their contacts and connections. Such, screenings help the filmmakers to establish a network amongst top notch people of the society. These networks, help such film makers to screen their films in different parts of the world.

Moreover, such film festivals, also attract the attention of the media. If the film is appreciated, it will automatically be publicized by media structures. Thus, the reach of the film will increase. It will also have direct effect on the number of views on video sharing platforms. It might also attract the attention of some producers, who would really like to buy the rights of the film. In some of the cases, short films are even purchased by international channels who stream the film on their network. It all depends on the quality of the film, better quality, better opportunities. It also provides the filmmakers with recognitions in international cinema. 

The most important thing which the film festival provide is  – “stamp”. Let me elaborate it. If the film is nominated,screened or awarded festivals provide the filmmakers with a picture of an olive branch which contains the logo of the film festival. These picture could be used on the publicity materials of the short films. These stamps in literal form are used by filmmakers which are showcased on the official posters of the film. More branches or stamps you have on the film poster, better is your film. These branches in modern society are compared directly with the standards of the film.

Once the film is screened in various film festivals, won many awards and ‘stamps’. The film ceases to expire. By the end of the second year, the film dies. It becomes a history. After two years from the date of birth of the film, the film festivals stop accepting the ‘out-dated’ films. This is the time, when the film goes and lives on it’s rest of the days on video sharing platforms. However, a good film, will still earn money from such platforms. For instance youtube provides incentives to hit films.

In short, there are many positive reasons to submit a short film in various film festivals. It provides good networking opportunities , media coverage and recognition. However, please note, it all depends on the quality of the film. Therefore, filmmakers should keep up with the growing competition in the world and make a beautiful film.

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