Heptade Secrets of Making a Best ShortFilm

Top 7  Secrets Of Making A Best Short Film!

  1. Make Use Of Your Short Film As A Visual Medium:

Short Films are not just about delivering a strong moral message or economical dialogue , it is more than that as visual epiphanies are as important as the supporting morals which make up the film. Be it the texture, sound, dialogue, colour, everything matters when it comes about making a good short film.

    2. Try To Demonstrate Direct Personal Connection To The Story:

In creating a short film, the director or writer purely focus on how to build up the personal connection of the audience with the characters, which becomes much harder when you tackle with topics like space travel, essence of life or an entire unusual relationship.

So for this, try to keep your topic personal and that does not need to address humungous themes. Keep it simple and short as this will help you focus such themes in a better way than you have imagined.

   3. Tell Story Of 1 Character/Couple – Not Making It Complex:

It is a fact that short films don’t overreach the audience, as a short film isn’t a feature one, So it has got a little space to survive and hence has little to manage with subplots, supporting or secondary characters and other related scopes.

There are short film writers who attempts to put multiple dilemma , even knowing the fact that they are making a short film, they introduce more than 2 -3 characters and try to junk it out. But it is the not correct way of making a best short film. But yes you can make use of this chance to bring a massive twist in the plot or storyline of your short film.

   4.Use Available Resources & Make In Budget:

The more you utilize resources which are in your budget, the more economical your short film will be. There are certain action films which don’t have any kind of explosions, spaceships or car chases but are still tagged as an action short film.

As the adventure and action comes from the drama and the twisted tensions created from the storyline of the characters. And please never try to replicate the big budget action movies here as they are made with a budget of hundreds and even thousands of million dollars, which a short film cannot afford. So make use of what you have and try to get the best out of it.

   5.Add Twist In The Beginning & At The Climax:

If you have closely analyzed some of the successful short films, you would have observed that they follow some unusual pattern of throwing up a twist just in the beginning of the short film and the whole story line revolves around that, and when the film approaches its climax, the audience is amazed with another twists which keep them asking for more!

Hence these are some quick 5 easy short film making tips which will definitely help you a lot in case you want to delve into this field and create an evergreen short film in future

   6.Hook The Audience By Showcasing Memorable Characters:

Short films can make their way into the audience’s heart straightaway if the characters played in the film are created amazingly by the film maker, so much so that it just gets seared in our mind automatically, even if that character takes a screen space of 10 – 15 minutes.

It is true that plot, story line, twists are very much essential for a short film but without someone playing the character which makes audience remember the short film for ages, someone without which you cannot empathise with the film will be soon forgotten. So don’t forget to give life to your fictional characters.

    7.Give Positive Impression To Audience:

If you leave your audience with a very optimistic outlook or at least a moderately positive impression then chances are high that your short film will be not only be nominated for several awards and acclaims but will also rule the audience’s heart for quite some time.

Because any film which gives a positive impression are likely to be highly remembered for the outstanding work done by the people behind and infront of the camera.

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