Generation of Engaging Shortfilm

How to Create Engaging Short Film and Increase Your Short Film Views

Creating a short film is not a big task to do but to make the film engaging enough to gain maximum views is the tough job. The world out there always want the best of their time and money thus it is really important for a film maker to create such a short film that can engage a lot of audience and bring profit for the creators. So here we are for your help below are some points that can help you  make an engaging short film.

Interesting Concept

Any story told on the screen needs to have a better concept, any film whether  a three hour one or the short film without a strong plot is incomplete and unappealing to the audience. Specifically for a short film it is very necessary to hold a strong concept because due to lack of time one cannot put up the different scenes or other tools to make it look good for attracting the viewer. So make sure you create a stronger concept for the audience around your chosen subject.

The Time Game

The biggest factor of a short film is time, if one wants to create an engaging film the maker should know how to play with the time. It is important to know how to put the story in the shortest time period, one cannot have the luxury of hours here. Use the time in the concept’s favor, frame the screenplay yo have the information in the least time. One can even give gaps in between the story , it will create suspense making people think and pay more attention to the film. Details should be revealed at the perfect time can do wonders. In fact, leaving the end in suspense is a great way of letting the audience has their own opinions and marking a strong after effect on them.

THE Beginnings

First impression is the Best impression, indeed is what all films rely on.  Short films because of the time limit need the beginnings to be intimidating to make the viewer stay till the end, a boring beginning will lead to less viewers. so make sure you give a great start to your short film.

Stand Out

With the increasing technology and digital means there is a great  no. of short films out there so if you want to make your film gain more viewers  , you must make something that will stand out of the crowd. Unconventionality l is the best way of gaining attention of the audience and relatable is best way of making them staying engaged to your film. Choose subjects that are different yet have the appeal to the audience.

Making an engaging film is not enough to gather a huge audience base, ypu should put other efforts as well to gain views. Following are some ways through which you can increase your short film views.

Video SEO

Video SEO is the optimization that makes your Video pop on the top of search lists. People mostly tend to ignore this amazing tool and feel that this is not important but actually it is other way round, you must go for video SEO as it can get the most of the viewers. It is the best way and the easiest one to gain views.

Social Networking

The most crowded place on internet are the social networking sites and they give you the opportunity to reach the maximum people. Use the sites like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. to bring in viewers, you can create pages to promote your short film, give details, contact info and ask for feedbacks of the audience. You can not only use it for a single short film but for many other projects that you are working on or earlier ones. This will promote not just the short films but the tam working behind it. Reach out to the audience , interact with them and improve . social networking is great if use it wisely.

Submit to film festivals and sites

Film festivals are the brilliant events where you cannot just showcase your work but connect with people with the same passion and interest. Submitting your short films to the film festivals will give your films great recognition not just to the audience but even to the industry. Film festivals do take fees for your entry but it is worth it for a great piece of work. You can also submit your films to film sites that has a great audience exposure, this can also increase your short film views

Teasers and Trailers

To create traffic for your short film, it is a good way to create interesting teasers and trailers of your short film. The teaser and trailers that you create should be strong enough to make the people want to see the whole short film, they should include the best shots but in a way that the viewer is left wanting more. The time of uploading the trailer is also a great factor for making it worthy , it should not be very soon that the viewe can forget about the film nor too late that it doesn’t serves its can put up the trailer two or three weeks before you plan to upload your short film. Make sure your teaser or trailer must stick to your subject else it can lead to disappointment among the viewers.

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