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whenever we hear about the word shortfilm, various stuffs which strikes to our mind like short-story,biography,entertainment,soial-cause,motivational message etc.It is consist of short stories, which aims to give us a large impact on small amount of time, it consist of maximum 40 minutes shortfilms helps us to think about the changed, which we have never imagined about.

shortfilms are mainly consist of low budget as compared to commercial films and are very much efficiant and different for displaying the desired message for the people of our society.Award winning shortfilms like yes!you may,Ambani the investor etc created an impact both in our society and in our mind, which bounds us to think, that nothing is impossible, if you dare to fullfil your dream.It helps to create a large impact in less amount of time.It helps in lightening up the curiosity among us by art of making a story in limited time.shortfilms are usaually made by independent film makers, actors etc. in order to prove their talent and making something new which can imple the society and our culture.let us take an example of the short ad film made by Aamir Khan ‘shoon te shaan’ in star plus channel, where he had played role of sardar owns sweet shop credited his daughters for running his successfull business, and ended it beautifully by showing the name of shop as ‘Gurdeep Singh and daughters’, which have not only defined the women empowerment but also throws the light on gender issues.It is really fun to watch shortfilms, which not only provides us entertainment but also inspires us from inside.The most important secret of shortfilms, it helps us to think independently and explore our creative imaginatgion.The person can make a shortfilm, if he is having the art of creativity inside him, even a simple cell phone is helpful in making a creative short film.It is easily accessible to large number of audience, for making awareness, and certainly make you recognisable and also help you to make money through it.

Shortfilm is the greatest thing, which helps to leave a mark in our society, and making money through it by the investment of creativity and intelligence.It is the beauty of making a story of person through feelings,expressions and creativity of a genious mind and delivering a message to the society and country, which will make every person to think about it.

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