Formative Track to Promote your ShortFilm

Making short films is a great way for budding movie artists to gain experience in the entire process of      movie-making. But the only way people will watch them is if they’ve been well-promoted. Here are some ways to promote short film

  1. Create a website

For promoting your film, you need to have a website. Even movies need to have website. Apart from being a good promotion tool, a website can also serve as your home base, where people can get updates about your film, sign up as member or buy tickets to watch your film. Don’t feel like you have to go flashy. Keep it simple and to the point.

2.Keep a journal

A process journal is a handy promotion tool, and might even be an investment if you can manage to get it published at a later point of time.

3.Social Networking

You can create Facebook fan page and twitter feed and also google plus account! Encourage your friends, family and new fans followers to share it.

      The point of social networking is creating open online discussion. A great way of interacting with your network is by holding contents. Connecting it to be relevant to your film is even better. Keep updating your feeds with interesting media. Social networking is all about connecting with the masses on a personal level.

4.Make a Teaser

There is no better promotion tool than peaking your audiences’ curiosity and there’s no better way to do it than by making a teaser.

Essentially you want this reaction from the viewer: “What is this movie?! I MUST KNOW!”

Obviously, they will sign up for updates because they are so puzzled and complicated.

5.Create a Trailer

Release your trailer one or two weeks after you’ve released your head scratching teaser. Everyone is dying to know what your movie is about’

A few things on what not to do when creating your short film is trailer include DO NOT make it longer than your film.DO NOT tell the whole story.

6.Film festivals

There are many film festivals going on at any given time in the world. Film festivals are great way to promote your film. The best site for finding and submitting your short film to film festival is They have largest listings for festivals all over the world with submission fees.

7.Online film sites

Submit your video to every website that might even remotely be associated with films. Once you have hit the film festival circuit, do the same online. The more places you can get your film seen or written about, the better.  Whether it is an amateur or professional movie blogger, or even something off radar like a fashion blogger writing about your movie, that increases your film’s visibility. 

8.Create your own video space

Whether you use YouTube or Vimeo or both, this is a great way to have your audience come face to face with movie magic makers.  Have cast and/or crew do vlogs about production, the story, the day- keep these short, though.  The average attention span of an online viewer is less than 2 minutes.  Not only do people tend to avoid reading more than 500 word articles but also any videos longer than 2 minutes.  If you want your audience to invest in watching anything longer, be sure that it is worth their time to watch. 

Other things that you can put on your new channel are sneak peeks at scenes, proper interviews with your cast and/or crew or the dog that would not stop barking outside during an emotional gut wrenching scene.

At the end of the day, after you have done all of these things, you will find that the audience you have been exposed to is greater than you could ever have imagined.  You have a body of work and a newfound fan base.

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