Engage through ShortFilm and Increase your Viewers

film promotionfilm promotionHow to create an engaging short film and increase your short film views.

So in order to create a short film the story should be very crisp, new and innovative. Something that people have not seen before. It should not be just a simple story but have lots of elements packed and should hit the audience one after another. It should have a lot of drama, some steamy scenes if possible and a lot of emotions should be involved.  The story should be something that the audience can relate to. They should be able to put themselves in one of the characters shoes. Because if they can connect with the film they are bound to love it moreover its important also because otherwise people will simply dismiss the  film. Twist is another very important  element to make a short film engaging. It is very difficult to put a twist in a such a short span of time but if done properly it gives  a great result because  a twist always challenges the mind of the viewer and this makes them think and the more they think about the short film the better for us. Steamy scenes are a very old way of engaging certain audience. Its art to a certain section of viewers and just fun for another section but either it is good for the film. Drama is very necessary in short film because that is why a person watches something, to fill the lack of drama in their life. We should try to get the audience emotionally involved in the plot leaving them craving for more. A short film should always make the audience wish that it was a bit longer.

Now to sell a short film no doubt it should have a great storyline and good acting. Popular actors will obviously attract more audience. There should be a good promotion of the film on all the possible social medias  and also one should try through all their contacts be it professional or personal to promote the film so that it reaches to larger number of people. Good teasers are very essential . The teasers should just give a jest of the film but end abruptly so that the people feel the need see the film to have a closure. The teasers and advertisements should be everywhere on social medias so that it always pops up in front of the people and eventually they are bound to give in and watch the movie. The teasers and promotions should create a sort of mystery around the film. People will start wondering about what is in the movie and finally end up watching. The posters of the short film should be spicy and crisp. It should give a very vague but a very interesting vibe of the film to attract more audience.  Going to critics and getting good reviews from them is also very essential. There is a certain section of the audience who love to watch critically acclaimed short films.  Most importantly the name of the movie should be very different. It should be attractive, unique and very mysterious. Names have a lot of power and can make or break a film’s popularity. A unique name will attract more audience simply out of curiosity. The film should be sent to any film festivals or as such to increase  its value. Making some popular faces among the masses watch the film and then say some nice stuff about it will also increase the number of viewers. Another very effective way to market a film is to create a whole controversy surrounding it. Controversies have been proved to be very effective in increasing the number of viewers of any  film especially short films. The controversy can be regarding anything a scene or getting some sort of permit or regarding the actors in the short film. A very risky way of promotions is protests. Because they get more viewers and also supporters. An essential for a short film is a social message it. The more attracting and taboo the message is bigger is the number of viewers. Social messages are very important tool that can be use to the advantage of the film maker. If all these methods are executed properly then no doubt there will be a big number of viewers for the short film.

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