Earn money from short films

Internet now a day’s growing very fast and it attracts more viewers from all over the world who wants to see engaging films in less time. So that is why short films are very popular. We get a quality work in less time. Also short film is a very popular medium for budding and new filmmakers to express their emotion, play with their talent and skills. Short film is an effective way of learning and experimenting cinema. But there is no proper way of earning money from your short film. If someone has money to make short film then it is not guarantee that he can cover up the production cost by earning some money from the short film. So how can you make money from the short film? Well there are lots and lots of article about earning money from your short film and making short film in very less budget but trust me it is not that easy job to do. You have to think practically about this. So here are some ways that can actually help you to earn some money from your short film. Now there are so many digital platforms are available for the short films to earn money.

Different ways of earning money from your short films.

  • YouTube is the anytime favorable platform to earn money for your short film and cover up all the expenses of your short film. But first you have to understand few things that help you to actual earn money from it. You can’t just make viral video, if you seriously want to be a professional filmmaker. On YouTube viral video has more viewers than the quality video. So if you upload your short film on your channel then it is not beneficial for you until your channel has subscribers above 80. Because if your channel has below 80 subscribers then it won’t be optimize into the YouTube algorithm and your short remains unnoticed. Because YouTube or vimeo videos mostly get the popularity on the basis of subscriber’s count, so you have to first know these things.


  • Here are few ways that helps you to earn money from YouTube and Vimeo:
  1. If you want to upload your short film on YouTube. Start to collaborate with well running YouTube channel. Upload your short film on their channel. Ask them to start business partnership with them.
  2. You can also sell your short to those YouTube channel. If you think your short film is good, so you can sell it to them.
  3. If any channel from YouTube wants a short film on specific topic then you make short on that topic and sell it to them. Vimeo is another site who provides video on demand (VOD) service which is very useful to make money through short. Daily motion is another site that provides VOD service. There are so many filmmakers who actually earn money from this kind of source.
  • Film festivals:

1) Film festivals are the most effective way of earning money. If you think your movie has that quality and potential to win, then film festivals are very useful source to make money. There are so many film festivals happening all over the globe. Cannes, Sundance, Mami and there are so many other festivals who offers highest money for the best short film.

2) When your film gets selected into major film festival then you get lots of offer from new websites. But beware of the non exclusive contract.

3) You get offers from advertisement company, Music Video Company. If your short get selected in big festivals like Sundance, etc. then you get noticed by actual film industry people and they offer you to work with them.

3) If you think your movie is good then show your movie to any distribution company. If they are interested in your movie, then they will give particular amount of money.

4) Lastly. If you think your short film has that quality that it can be made as a feature film then sell your legal rights to film producer. Either he will allow you to direct the film or he will pay you for the legal rights.

5) Product placement is another way of make money from your short.

So these are some ways that actually help you to earn money from your short.

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