Design of Alluring Shortfilm to increase your audience

Short films have continued to coexist with commercial movies from early movie days. They have been used as an alternate form of expression by new filmmakers to show their calibre and creativity. With the advent of smartphones and inexpensive cameras shooting short films has become relatively cheaper. Even distributing them is no longer an issue as internet provides a wide range of platforms such as Youtube, daily motion and Vimeo. All you need is a gripping story!

In todays fast paced life it is hard for people to take out time for anything and movies are no exceptions. Even watching a three-hour long movie seems a herculean task! Audience nowadays is looking for something short and relevant that can be watched in one go. Short films have become a perfect solution to this dilemma.

Engaging content

In order to make your short film engaging, you need to centre it around a topic which is easily relatable. But at the same time be cautious that it is unique. Nobody wants to see the same content again and again. The next big challenge is to make a story with powerful characters. Characters are soul of a movie and should be well-focussed. At the same time, it is advisable not to go in too much detail in order to keep it short. Keeping dialogues to the minimum can also be advantageous as it adds mystery and intrigue to your plot. Shorts films are quite different from feature films, you have to be concise in a short film whereas you have the liberty to be a bit discursive in feature films.It is therefore important to ditch the three acts in short movies. You don’t have the flexibility to split your plot in the beginning, the middle and the end as you can do in a full 90-minute feature film. If you have all the above mentioned ingredients in your movie in proper proportion then all you need is a platform to promote and distribute your film.

Promotion and increasing the view count

Earlier, short films were mostly promoted in film festivals but now there are pool of opportunities available on the internet. With various hosting platforms and streaming services such as netflix, amazon prime video it has become easier to promote and distribute your movies. If your movie has a gripping storyline and a strong narration then nobody can stop it from gaining praise. How often have you seen a video going viral overnight? Social media has become an important part for promotion, whether it is a low budget movie or a big budget commercial film. In this world of likes and views, using social networking to promote your stuff can benefit you significantly. There are few tips that you can use such as using the social media often, giving honest description of your content. Remember not to flood other people’s news feed with your content as it can be frustrating. Over promoting can lead to bad publicity thus one has to be careful when to draw the line. Apart from online promotion you can participate in various film festivals. They are still the biggest platform to showcase short movies. Platforms like Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon are constantly looking for new content to host. They are even ready to pay a handsome amount of money given your content is good.



Today, most people are too busy to watch long movies which are stretched. So if you have a gripping script and well narrated characters then nobody can stop you from becoming getting all the fame and praise.

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