Creative Procedure for Promotion of ShortFilm


Short Film

Short film is an original motion picture that has running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits. In this time period film describe the all story of film in short time with great think. Film has short time but has big massage.

Here is some of Top Creative Ways to Promote Short film

1. Social Sites

This is a very good platform to promote anything with others just like friends, fans and public because there are millions of people who use of social sites just like facebook, tweeter, Instagram, Skype and Whatsapp etc. We can create a facebook page or tweeter feed with creative mind. Tell to family, friends and fan/followers to like, share and mostly to share. Encourage him/her to add member more and more. Sending out milestone cheers like “we’re at 2500 fans, get it up to 3000 and more fans.” You should also share the content about the film on the page regularly so that people can see that and take interest in your film to tell others to follow, like and share of your page. This is a great way to interacting with your network is by holding contests. Tell to fans something interesting about the film just like this film about an animal which has a wish to true your dream.  So tell to everyone that share your idea and win contests. Have a deadline. Have a fair way to picking a winner like awesomeness of his/her answer. There need to be a prize. This may be a signed poster of the cast, a movie ticket of film etc. This way is very easy and this platform is big.

2. Create a website that best represents your Short film

To promote your short film you need a place where people can see all the information about the film, cast information, releasing date etc. You can create a website or you can also pay to others to create a beautiful website. You can add here the many thing about the movie like as colour full animation of the film, A poster of the movie. If the movie is about animals then you can add some colour full images of animals. You always remember that audience to be attracted by the site’s design. The more create and original it is, the more likely they will remember your film even if they haven’t see it yet. Once you have the site up, submitted it to like Google and yahoo etc. To get a wider viewing audience and high search engine hits.

3. Create a HEAD SCRATCHING Teaser

Create a head scratching teaser and upload if to the site so that viewer can see the information just like “What is the Movie About.” They will sign up for the update and express their views to others. They knows that where to go for more information.

4. Create an AWESOME Trailer

Create a awesome and interesting trailer about the movie and release your trailer 1-2 weeks after you have released your head scratching teaser. Your trailer should not be so long and never tell the whole story, otherwise viewer will never take interest in the film. And of course, have your website posted at the end of trailer so people know where to go for more.  

5. Submit to film festivals

Try  It’s a great way to fundraise any creative endeavor.  You could also team up with a local bar, restaurant, or business to set up a fundraiser.  Some bars will give you two hours open bar for a price because they know that you will bring people in, and that they will probably stay beyond the two hours and buy more.  Be sure to have other ideas to raise funds at the event like a raffle or a cake walk. 

6. Submit to online film sites 

Submit your trailer of the film online film sites. There are so many people who search about the new movie on the sites to watch. They can see your movie at there and also can suggest to their friend to see. You can upload some interesting seen of the film at the film site. It helps you to promote your film online.

7. Submit to TV and CABLE SHOWS

There are so many TV and Cable Shows that show short film on the channel. And be sure to have your film site listed at the end of the credits. Also when you get accepted, be sure to blast it to your online audience so they can catch it.


You can upload trailer of the film on the YouTube. Where people can watch the trailer and know about the movies. Video should be at about 2 minutes. You can also upload the day by day interesting seen of the movie at the YouTube so that viewer will take interest in the movie.

You can also use other ideas like E-mail address capture, publish about your film in the news paper and magazine, can give the ad on the radios etc.        

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