Creation of Plighting ShortFilms

Films have been an integral part of our lives, both for the filmmakers and viewers. Films are the way of expressing different emotions, feelings, issues and sometimes also leave the viewers in questions to ponder upon on certain things. Films are not only meant for entertainment but also for learning, inspiring, motivating and generating new ideas among people. Films sometimes also help in making people aware of many different things. Logically, now days whenever we go to watch any movie in cinemas we come across many advertisements before movie starts, some are of with message of no smoking, some with save fuel, some with message of preventions and precautions of contagious diseases. So, in short although we go for watching movie but indirectly we are made aware of many things.

So, apart from this, let’s see what are basically short films? Short films, as the name itself suggests, that these films will be of short durations compared to feature films. Mostly these films are of 35-40 mins and covers almost all the credits too. These films are often made my independent filmmakers for non-profit, either with low budget or no budget at all, And such films are funded by film grants, NGO’s, personal funds etc. Generally these movies are made for exhibition in the film festival so that films could reach audience. Nowadays, these films could reach audience by the very prominent way of social media, via you tube, facebook etc.

I think other than production and direction, story and catchy theme of the film too plays important role in engaging the audience. Film must have a story which could grab the attention the people and the story must be on the theme somewhere related to the society or common masses ideology. When a film is made on the interests of the people, people praise it and love it. So, very first way for making engaging film is STORY or THEME of the film.

Secondly, the screenplay or picturization of the film is very important for engaging people. Picturization must be related to the theme and must not be unrealistic. Screenplay, direction must be so realistic that a person could relate and connect the actual theme.

And another important way to engage and catch more audience is promoting the short film. The film must be promoted in a way that it could reach the masses, like by the way of public interaction, may be by going among the people and interact with them, street plays can be used as way for showing trailer of the film. Social media can be another important way nowadays for promoting film and start engaging people for film.


Film characters again play a crucial role in films. Characters must be relatable and purely in the plot. Characters must be connecting the audience and do not let them cut from the theme or while motive of the movie.

Also, story must be accurate and precise and must not take too much, as the time period of the short films are meant to be short in duration, sometimes too long films or dragged out films make audience feel bored and cut from the major theme. So, it’s important to show your idea in a limited duration of time and that too precisely and accurate, with all good screenplay and picturization.

In the end I would like to conclude, that a film is a expression of different ideologies, themes, and a new set of emotions and idea which is shown by the way good picturization and screenplay.

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