In the time of digital revolution, communication and entertainment tools are becoming more versatile than ever. Visual storytelling, being the most powerful and potential tool to convey one’s vision and ideology to a widespread audience; is widely used by the masses. Visual representation of ideas is known to stimulate audiences in a way that other forms of media have failed to do. Films play a major role in shaping the ideologies of the targeted audiences. Due to a number of advantages, short films are being widely applauded over the mainstream cinema

A few among them are- less expenditure, a quick way to express, widely accepted by the audiences, imparts a deeper impact, versatile in nature, huge potential audience, serves as a platform for budding film-makers and enthusiasts.


One of the key features of an engaging piece of art is its ability to compel the audience to muse about it even after its duration. So, the first step in creating an engaging short film is to build a character; that will live in the mind of the masses for a much longer duration than the 90-minute frame. Keeping your viewers intrigued will subtly do the task. Also, using the time element will impart a sense of peculiarity, for example; using flashbacks to unfold the story of the protagonist can be an efficient way of binding the audience till the end. Visual appeal of a short film plays the major role in its success. Being an audiovisual piece, it should be able to “show” your ideology rather than “narrate” it. So, working on your set, shot composition and props will take you a step ahead.

To discern your short film from a full feature length film, keep in mind a few points-

  • Keep it crisp yet illustrative.
  • Do not overemphasize on a particular idea.
  • Avoid monotony.
  • Story should appeal the targeted audience.
  • Elaborate introduction of the characters can be omitted.
  • Ability to bind the audience till the end.

Now if you think that your work is done here; you are utterly mistaken. The actual laborious task it to promote your short film so that it will reach its targeted audience and prove your worth. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, can be a boon to advertise your film among the numerous subscribers and followers. Apart from using social media handles, Video Optimization is a handy tool to get you millions of viewers in less time. Video SEO will help you to be ranked top when people will use sites like Google and YouTube. This feature is usually taken lightly by the film makers but can be a great asset if used properly after publishing the film. Also, sending your short film to various film festivals can help you gain a lot of viewership.

Taking aid from well-read bloggers can help your film earn a lot of patronage. Or if you can play with words and form some fine lines, then write an article about your film and send it to well-known globally acclaimed bloggers. Also, taking aid from global forums that are related to media and entertainment can prove beneficial in getting a large number of views.

Sensible film making is the need of the hour, so bring out the fanatic in you and try your hand at this form of craft.

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