[Cont] 5 Important Steps for starting your own Film making company

4. Create a business Plan

It is obvious to plan things before starting any venture, like what should be the budget of the film?, Where are you going to shoot?, How much salary will you provide to the cast and crew? etc. Moreover, you should preserve the blueprint of your business plan as it will help you in monitoring your profits and loss in future.

5. Have legal entity

First, you have to choose a name for your company, Second, buy a land for an office purpose, after that, go to a government office, and complete all the formalities and get your company registered. And importantly you should pay your taxes genuinely and on time as if something goes wrong it will be a big hindrance for your company, and eventually, it will reduce your viewers.

Create a website of your company, Register your company in different social media platforms and don’t forget to create YouTube channel and invite people to subscribe your channel.

While going through several pages of film-making, I found some fantastic lines by an owner of one of the best film-making company, He said:

The one thing I want to do – and I am doing – is starting my own production company, for me to produce and direct in the future. Have a bit more say and control – become the storyteller more than just the character. I want to choose the story, plant the seed, and watch it grow. I just want to have a bit more involvement.

Hope this article will help some of the new upcoming owners of film-making company to climb the success ladder with fast pace.

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