Best Ways To Promote Short Film

Advertisement is the most powerful tool to promote any product, service; basically anything-may be it a soap, an insurance or a short film.
There are many alternatives available to promote a short film. But the best choice would be using social media and social networking sites.

As the youth make an advent towards the so called ‘Online’ world, in order to attract their attention towards short films, it becomes mandatory to make use of social media.

Some of the ways to accomplish this are:

  1. Make a Website:
    A website can be made which contains A-Z information about the short film. For example it should contain information about the cast, crew,
    release date, etc. Creating a website is quite an easy task and it is cost effective too. Even a computer field student can easily make a website.
    This website can also serve as a platform for regular updates about the short film, booking tickets, it can also include options for a user to become a member, it can have a feature for feedback and review to check our progress and a lot more.
    Once the website is ready, we can ask people to visit the website and collect required details.
  2. Keep track of email addresses:
    Once the website is ready and people start registering, you can email them daily updates and other essential information. This will help a lot in increasing the fan base because people generally like it when they are personally informed, invited or contacted for something.
  3. Create a Facebook/Instagram page or even a group:
    Well youth today has made facebook, Insta their routine. So to promote, give updates you can create a Facebook Page which includes short videos like trailers, photographs, you can also post some catchy dialogues used in the film. You can ask the followers and friends to share this page. This is one of the best way to get likes.
  4. Online Film Sites:
    Submit the video to every possible film site that is associated in any manner with the film making, marketing, reviewing. Any exposure by such sites can be helpful-whether small or large.

Besides promoting the film online, there are other essential ways too which must be considered:

  • Catchy Trailer and a teaser:
    Curiosity for something is the best way to develop eagerness for that
    thing. Make an eye-catching trailer which develops curiosity in the
    audience to watch the short film. Post it on You-tube and any other
    possible sites. Make a teaser-Provide a glimpse about what happens in
    your short film but make sure you leave the audience confused about what the short film may contain.
  • Cast Interaction:
    Cast can visit populated places, gatherings, colleges , etc and interact with people. Make sure they talk about the film in such a way that people become tempted to watch their role in the film.

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